The Rental Friendly Guide to Redesigning Your Home

By Kristina Marshall

The Rental Friendly Guide to Redesigning Your Home

Redesigning parts of your home can make it more attractive to  those  interested  in your rental property. Of course, you want  to  spend  as little money as possible, while getting big results    from  your  improvement  projects.    The  following options should meet your needs.

Choose Furniture That Can Withstand Some Abuse

Regardless of the standards you have for your rental applicants, you never know how they will behave after they move in. Someone with an excellent credit history and glowing reviews from previous landlords could host a party that gets out of hand. Suddenly, you have damaged furniture that costs more to replace than the security deposit can cover.

You can mitigate potential problems like this by choosing solid furniture that can take a beating. Consider heavy duty modular sofa options that look terrific, give tenants flexible seating options, and hold up to a little abuse.

This  only  applies  to  furnished  rentals,  but  you  can  extend  the idea to protect property that doesn't come with furniture. When purchasing anything from appliances to window treatments, look for durable and affordable designs.

Make Your Rental's Kitchen Something to Admire

People  pay  close  attention  to  kitchens when they rent or buy homes. If you have outdated kitchen appliances that don't meet expectations,  consider  replacing  them.  It  will come at a price, but  the  investment  can  pay  off  for  at  least a  decade. In the meantime,   you   can   use   your  renovated  kitchen  to  attract reliable tenants willing to pay higher prices for the upgrade.

Don't   assume   that  a  small  kitchen  prevents  you  from  impressing  potential  renters.  With  the  right  changes,  you  can  turn  a  small kitchen from a liability into an asset. It will take some creative thinking and hard work, but plenty of landlords have done it before.

Update the Outdoors for More Curb Appeal

Few things matter more than first impressions. In the rental industry, that means you need to pay close attention to your property's curb appeal.

The good news is that updating your property's outdoors rarely costs much money. Inexpensive options include:

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint that makes the house feel inviting

  • Upgrading your front door's hardware with a knob or handle people will remember

  • Buying a sturdy, attractive mailbox instead of relying on a cheap, plastic model

  • Adding shrubs, trees, and flowers to the front lawn and backyard

Never  underestimate  the power of beautiful plants. Most people love coming home to a verdant yard. The types of plants that you choose  should  depend  on  your  area.  A tree that thrives in southern Utah might quickly die in Florida. Find a reliable landscaping service for help or explore DIY landscaping options that will lead you to the right options for both your home and your local climate.

Renovate the Bathroom for an Impressive Look

Major  bathroom  renovations  can  cost  thousands  of  dollars. Hopefully,   you  don't  have  to  replace  your  tile, pipes, or tub. Those projects can get expensive quickly.

Minor  bathroom  renovations, however, don't have to cost very much.   The improved look will impress potential tenants. Again, you  might even  find that  a  small investment makes it possible for you to charge higher rental fees.

Simple, low-cost options include:

  • Upgrading your faucets to modern designs

  • Replacing old showerheads so you can show off the new one's impressive features

  • Adding new hardware to cabinets and drawers

  • Installing a new toilet that reduces water use

When  in  doubt,  have  a  friend  inspect  your  bathroom  and  tell  you  what  they  don't  like.  It's often difficult for homeowners to see their spaces with fresh eyes. An honest friend might see things that escape your attention.

Add Outdoor Seating

Outdoor  seating gets overlooked far too often. Depending on your location, you might only have a handful of days every year when it  feels  nice  to  sit  on  a porch, patio, or deck. It's easy to forget those nights during the rest of the year. When they arrive, though, they're precious.

A patio probably gives you the most affordable way to add outdoor seating to your rental property. If you enjoy working with wood, though, you might enjoy building a small deck.

Provide some basic outdoor furniture so your rental applicants can imagine themselves enjoying pleasant evenings outside. If you have an empty deck, they might not even think of it as a place to spend time.

Make Your Home Rental Friendly Through Redesign

Redesigning a home to make it more renter-friendly doesn't have to take a lot of time, effort, or money. When you make the right choices, you can improve a property significantly within a few days. In return, you can charge higher for rent and keep your property occupied.

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