10 Styling Tricks for Big Impact When Selling Your Home

By Jasmine Anderson

When  looking to sell your home quickly, you often don't have time for large-scale renovations. That is why you have to make the most of useful styling tricks to impress interested buyers. Keep on reading for some helpful tips and tricks.

Spruce up your curb appeal

Since  the first thing visitors see is the home's exterior, it's important to spruce up the curb appeal and lure them in. Start by cutting  off  dead  branches that might be blocking the view and mow the lawn. Then, you can give the facade a fresh coat of paint  and  repaint  the  door  so  that they make a statement. Consider replacing the house numbers and the mailbox to tie everything together

Refresh with paint

Besides  improving your home's exterior with a little bit of paint, you  can  also  use  paint  to  spruce  up  the indoors. Giving the walls  an update with paint is the easiest way to make the space seem clean and tidy. Just remember to keep it neutral to appeal to potential buyers. Then, you can also repaint all interior doors to  boost  the  visual  appeal.  Finally,  if  you  cannot afford a full kitchen  renovation,  simply  repainting  the  cabinet  doors  can make the space look brand new.

Decorate for buyers

When decorating the indoors, you have to remember that you are decorating for potential buyers and not for yourself. Consult with your agent to see what is popular in the area and what buyers are looking for. Get rid of items that are too personal as you want to make the space as neutral as possible so that the prospective owners can imagine themselves in their new home.

Cut the clutter

In  addition  to removing items that are too personal, you also want to cut the clutter. Properties that have too much clutter tend to distract potential buyers from seeing themselves in the space. So, clear all surfaces, put kids’ toys away, and give every room a deep clean to avoid one of the most common home-selling mistakes.

Follow the 2/3 rule when accessorizing

Of  course,  you  don't  want  the home to look too sterile by taking   away   all   decor,   so   arrange   the   shelves   in  an interesting  manner.  For  instance,  following  the 2/3 rule is always good. Using this balanced approach means that you will fill two-thirds of the shelves and not clutter them up.

Look for symmetry

While some trends will come and go, there are some basics of timeless design. One of them is most certainly symmetry. Rooms that are accessorized in a symmetrical manner are always pleasing to the eye so consider matching armchairs, table lamps, and vases. Try your best to create a mirror image or balance the two sides of a room to appeal to potential buyers.

Set the dining table

Another  way  to  appeal  to  potential buyers is by setting the dining room table. There is no need to make it too fancy; set it like  you normally would. Other than the plates and the glasses, you should also include a centrepiece that will complete the scene. For example, you can use a decorative vase or candlesticks for this purpose.

Bring in some greenery

To  make  the  space  look  even  homier  and  inviting,  you may need  some  greenery.  We  all  like  feeling connected to nature and  placing  a  few  indoor plants  around the home is the best way    to   achieve   that.   Luckily,   there   is   a   wide   variety of houseplants  available  and  you  can  find even those that don't require  a  lot  of  sunlight  or  watering. On the other hand, you can  also  add some fresh flowers as they make the home smell nice and provide a pop of colour.

Focus on the lighting

By  focusing on the lighting, you will be able to create a nice atmosphere in every part of the property. So, modernize the key fixtures  and  replace  all  that  look outdated. Moreover, make sure the light bulbs match in colour tone and decide whether you want warmer or cooler tones.

Add rugs and curtains

While  artificial  lights  are  important,  every buyer wants a home that is showered in natural light. With that in mind, you want to let the  natural  ligh in  so  get  curtains  that  are  light  and neutral. While you might think that curtains are unnecessary, they will add texture  to  the  space  and  make  it feel warmer. Something else that will add texture is rugs so use them to define separate areas. Layer them to bring in even more warmth into the home.

When selling your home, you have to use every trick in the book if you want to catch the potential buyer's attention. Use the above mentioned tips and you should sell your home in no time.

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