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Different Types of Residential Drainage Systems

Your dream house seems less dreamy the first time you discover that a river runs through it. If you discovered a stream in your basement or little lakes in your lawn with every downpour, different types of residential drainage systems can help. Clean Gutters and Extended Downspouts Your first defense against downpours is a good

How to Sell a House During COVID-19

Even in a pandemic, people need places to live, job-seekers need to relocate, and empty-nesters still need to downsize. If selling your home is a necessity rather than an option, real estate professionals can show you how to sell a house during COVID-19. Invest in Professional Pictures and

NEW Digital Docs: What You Need to Know

Earlier this month, we announced a new feature that is available through your MLS account called 'Digital Docs.' Digital Docs brings end-to-end digital transaction management to our members, with the ability to easily send documents for e-signature to multiple clients, intuitive file management, and a document vault. This feature streamlines your transactions for more efficiency -

High-End Amenities to Include in an Apartment

As an apartment property owner, you want to attract tenants to live in your buildings and to retain them once they are there. One way to accomplish this is by including luxurious facilities and services that improve convenience and the overall lifestyle of residents. Think about adding some of these high-end amenities to include in an apartment that will bolster your property's

Our Fall 2020 Webinar Schedule is Here!

Digital Document Management: What You Need to Know July 2, 16, 30 | ESTAs part of our mission to work with the way you do business, we've partnered with Constellation1 to provide afull suite of digital documents with e-sign, transaction management, and a document vault. That means all of your documents in one place, ready to complete with a click.Join us live for

How to Decorate a NYC Studio Apartment

If you live in a city, you may be looking for some clever tricks to increase the space available in your studio apartment. The main concern troubling owners of these minuscule dwellings, is how to meet various design challenges and turn this space into a comfortable home. The truth is there are numerous low-budget renovation tips you can apply to utilize every square inch. Choosing the right

The Data Hostage Crisis

As a broker, you own your data. Your listings, your sales, your history, your transactions - they all belong to you, even when you enter them into an MLS. So why is getting your data back so difficult?At last June's DOJ/FTC Workshop for Real Estate, Katie Johnson, Chief Counsel of the National Association of REALTORs stated, 'a broker can get their listing data back from an MLS, no questions

Why You Should Invest in Rain Gutters

Every home has some basic structural similarities. Houses always include doors, windows, roofs, and-last but not least-gutters. If you're unsure of gutters' importance or even have a home without a proper gutter system, read this guide on why you should invest in rain gutters. They Protect Against Rain Damage The last and most

6 Things That Home Inspectors Miss

Home sellers often hear that buyers want houses in 'move-in' condition. Buyers are warned to hire an independent, professional home inspector. Cautious buyers make their offer contingent on a passed inspection or repair of items an inspector notes need attention. However, no inspection is perfect and home inspectors can't see through walls or inside pipes. Both parties of the transaction