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State Listings, Inc. Announces Launch of LA State MLS, Scheduled to Debut in late-October 2020

East Greenbush, N.Y. ― October 22, 2020 ― State Listings Inc., owner of NY State MLS and My State MLS, announced today the launch of LA State MLS, a new Multiple Listing Service, which covers the entire state of Louisiana and surrounding areas. The company created LA State MLS in response to Louisiana agents' and brokers' need for their own statewide MLS, featuring streamlined listing

On-Demand Webinar | Making a Splash on Social

Whether you are new to marketing on social media or a seasoned Instagram influencer giving each new listing a huge boost, the rules and features of each platform are always changing.Ready to dip your toe into the world of social media marketing?This is your can't-miss webinar of the year if you want to learn to navigate the sink-or-swim world of social

In the News: 8 Tips for Recruiting to Expand Your Team's Territory

At the beginning of the pandemic, many real estate professionals prepared for the worst, expecting a huge market slowdown. We've seen the exact opposite; buyers are moving, and demand for inventory is exceptionally high. To keep up with demand, most brokers and teams are aggressively recruiting new agents. Check out our article in Inman for our top tips for recruiting the most high-value team

5 Things To Know When Moving House With A Large Family

Moving is often a large endeavor, but relocating to a new home with a big family adds new layers of stress and complexity to the whole process. You have to take care of all the small and significant details of the move, such as helping the children get ready for the new change in their lives, making sure the pets have everything they need, and taking care of you and your partner's

Virtual Staging: An Inexpensive Way of Staging Homes

Virtual staging is taking off globally as an innovative and powerful marketing tool for showcasing ahome. Real estate agents can now easily market empty spaces using beautiful high-resolutionphotographs of furnished rooms.Although virtual staging might sound futuristic, it's actually an easy and inexpensive way tosuccessfully market a

Most Popular Features Home Buyers Want Now

The pandemic of 2020 upended lives, destroyed businesses and altered the way people view their homes. In many areas, especially New York City, many homeowners began a frantic and competitive search for more space and fresh air in the suburbs. In some cases, homes on the market garnered multiple offers from buyers who hadn't even visited the home. To say that's a seller's market is an epic

How to Protect Your Home from Flood Damage - Easy Ways toStay Safe During Floods

Are you worried that flooding may damage your home? Floods are a weather hazard that can virtually occur anywhere, hence every homeowner should be advised on precautions that can be taken. Floods pose more of a risk than just destroying and damaging your property, it can also lead to health issues.Therefore, we will take you through the long term and short term tasks you can do to prevent costly

6 Ways to Secure Your New Home

You know your home best! You know your property's flaws as well. Planning is a key ingredient when securing your home. With these steps, you can protect your loved ones and precious belongings. Consider these 6 handy ways to secure your new home. 1. Check for Security WeaknessesAs a new homeowner, you're excited

In the News: Is Miami the new NYC?

Do we all end up here in Florida? When Billy Joel wrote'Miami 2017 (Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway),' he probably didn't expect it to come true. But now in 2020, it seems like he was only 3 years off. New Yorkers are leaving the city in droves in response to the pandemic. Are they all heading to Miami as the song suggests? Check out Dawn's insights into Florida real