5 Ways To Generate Commercial Real Estate Leads Online

By Marina Copeland

Generating leads is key to establishing and maintaining a successful commercial real estate business. What’s a lead you may ask? In real estate, it’s the buyer or seller you’re going to assist with selling or purchasing commercial property.

For agents,  lead  generation  goes  hand  in  hand  with  marketing.  It  allows  you  to  target your desired farm,  and  collect  crucial information about prospective buyers or sellers. From here, you can tailor your offering to meet your client base. 

Lead generation is the glue that binds a real estate agent’s business together. Agents who utilize a strong lead  generation  strategy can constantly attract a steady stream of clients, while those that neglect this area will spend their time scrambling from one deal to the next. 

If you want to stay ahead of the pack, follow these tips for generating commercial real estate leads online:

1. Optimize Your Website

One of  the  easiest  ways  to  generate  commercial  real estate leads is to use your  existing  tools.  Every  agent  should  have a fully functional website, and this  site  must  be  SEO  optimized.

If your site is SEO optimized, potential  customers  should  have no problem finding your business.  It  will  rank  well  on  search engine results pages, and come up near the  top.  To  make  the most of your SEO optimized site, think of every landing page as an opportunity to present your  business,  and  convert  visitors into a lead. 

A  successful  landing  page  will  combine  design and copy elements in a way that best establishes  your  value  proposition  in  the reader’s  mind.  The  more  they  know  about  your  business,  the  more  comfortable  they’re  likely  to feel about utilizing it. If your business is presented well online and has a strong digital presence, potential customers may feel more inclined to reach out.

2. Send Out Email Newsletters

Newsletters  are  a  fantastic way of letting people know about any developments happening in your business. In fact, they’re one of the  easiest  ways  to  generate  leads,  given  that those receiving them have willingly signed up. Recipients are already interested in what you have to say about commercial real estate, so they’re likely to read the content you send them. 

Use your newsletters as a way to keep in touch with customers. Include details about any new developments in your business, the commercial real estate sector, or properties that are newly on the market. 

As  an  added  plus,  it’s  easy  to  track  the  metrics  of  a  newsletter.  You  can  ascertain  what’s  working  well,  and  which areas of communication or operation could use improvement.

3. Use Your Social Media Channels Wisely

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools in this day and age. Commercial real estate agents can use their social media channels to connect with potential leads, and keep them up  to  date  with  current  trends and happenings. Social pages are also a great space for posting online reviews, which can give your business a boost too.

However, to generate commercial real estate leads you need to be smart about what you post on your social platforms. 

Posting random content just to fill up the page won’t do your business any favors, and you need to be aware of the many potential pitfalls social media brings. It takes a great deal of work to get leads flowing, and a business’ social strategy requires planning, work, and time. 

If your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts have quality content and a distinctive voice, you’re off to a great start. Be sure to research what your competitors are doing to get a sense of how the market is responding to their strategies. You can then adapt your own accordingly, and make it unique to your brand.

4. Harness The Power of Video

Video  content is an excellent way to engage with your audience, and it offers multiple benefits. Videos are engaging, as they provide an audio-visual insight into what businesses have to offer. This method of content production is ideal for real estate, as you can create walk-throughs, virtual property tours, and other content related to commercial property development. 

Videos  can  also  be  uploaded  onto  multiple  online  platforms,  including  social  media  channels and websites, which can be shared with clients privately too. 

Particularly now, when we’re living in a more socially distant time, videos work well from a marketing perspective. Instead of clients coming to view properties in person, they can simply view the video of the property they’re interested in. This makes the entire process more convenient, efficient, and streamlined—all of which can help to generate leads.

5. Build A Following On Your Blog

The  great  thing  about  blogs  is  that they provide an excellent platform   for   curated   content.   Like   with   most    marketing channels,  the  best  place  to  start  building  your blog is with a strategy.   Blogs   provide   high   value   content  to  prospective clients,  and create an avenue for them to explore and evaluate your properties and services. 

Articles  pertaining  to  the  area  properties are located, what the current market is like, the general state of commercial real estate, and  local  or  financial  news  make  for great topics. The  more  in-depth,  useful information you publish, the more you’ll grow your reputation  as  someone buyers and sellers can trust. By establishing yourself as an industry leader, you’ll be able to generate leads from being a reliable online voice. 

Offering  visitors  a  simple  way  to subscribe to your blog is key— make sure it’s easy for them to sign up, and to keep coming back for more. You’ll build valuable relationships this way, and be the go-to for all commercial property related matters.

An Ongoing Process

As  you  can  see,  there  are  plenty  of  ways  to  generate  commercial  real  estate leads online. All you need is a solid strategy that connects  your  platforms together, and content that’s engaging and informative. Once your strategy is implemented, your followers will  become  familiar  with  the  services  you  offer, and this should lead to continual lead generation. Lead generation equals sales, and sales equal success and satisfaction.

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