6 Ways to Secure Your New Home

by Lianna Arakelyan

You know your home best! You know your property’s flaws as well. Planning is a key ingredient when securing your home. With these steps, you can protect your loved ones and precious belongings. Consider these 6 handy ways to secure your new home. 

1. Check for Security Weaknesses

As a new homeowner, you’re excited to create yournew space! You spruce up the exterior to improve its curbside appeal, and design the perfect interior. Unfortunately, statistics show that there are no security products in 62% of homes. This dismal figure is disheartening, because protecting your beautiful home should be just as high of a priority as the aesthetics. Double-check any weaknesses on your new property. This aspect is even more important than choosing your window treatments!

 2. Update the Locks 

If your new home is not custom built, update all the locks. It may seem like an inconvenient task, but old locks can compromise your safety. You don’t know how many people involved in the property’s sale may have copies of the master keys. Change the locks for your peace of mind. Consider using a smart lock so you don’t have to worry about any keys that can go missing. You can rely on more secure passcodes or biometrics to get in. 

3. Use Home Automation 

Use technology for optimal home protection. Use an automated alarm system that makes a loud sound when activated. Small things like placing stickers or alarm warning posters in your windows can deter criminals. You can automate your blinds so that they will open and close at specified times during the day. This feature comes in handy as it secures your privacy, without you doing a thing! You can also automate your thermostat and smoke detectors to prevent fires. Smart cooling and heating will also save you from expensive energy bills. 

4. Install An Outdoor Security Camera

Prioritize the installation of an outdoor security system. If you use outdoor lighting, the cameras will act as your eyes and ears when you are not around. Outdoor lighting deters crimes. Homes that are not well-lit are statistically shown to be more susceptible to crimes

5. Eliminate Hiding Places

To secure your home, it is important that you eliminate hiding places outside. If you are in the building stages of your house, make sure all areas outside the home are visible from the inside. If your house is already built and there is more than one blind spot, consider getting a CCTV to overlook the area. If a security system is too expensive to invest in at the moment, a fish-eye mirror strategically positioned opposite the blind spot can be a great help.

6 . Pay Attention to Local Police Alerts

Follow your local newspaper, police force, and your neighborhood group on social media. Making friends with your neighbors is your best ally against criminals because you can keep each other informed. 

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