How Houseplants Can Benefit Your Home

by Lori Wilson

Houseplants benefit your health, increase your mood, and make your home more appealing. Plants have different benefits based on where you place them in your home. Placing plants around your home not only benefits you, but may also be helpful when staging your home for sale.

Home Office 

If you work from home, then you spend a lot of time in your home office. The home office can be one of the most effective places to put your houseplants. Low light, low maintenance plants for your office can have great benefits! 

The fact that some houseplants can improve the air quality of a space has been widely recognized since a study released by NASA back in the 1980's. In addition to air purification, being around office houseplants improves your mood & productivity. A recent study by the New University of Technology, Sydney showed that workers within office environments that had plants, experienced a significant reduction in tension, anxiety, fatigue and depression. This study showed that just one plant per workspace lifted staff spirits, promoting wellbeing and increasing overall performance.

Home office houseplants:

  • Snake plant
  • Air plant
  • Spider plant
  • Bamboo palm


Plants have a calming effect, improving your mood. Placing some plants around the bedroom creates a relaxing space and provides all of those air purifying benefits we love. 

There’s been some debate over whether house plants are a good addition to the bedroom. There have been concerns over plants releasing carbon dioxide at night, but houseplants are a perfectly safe addition to your bedroom decor. 

Bedroom houseplants: 

  • English Ivy 
  • Aloe Vera 
  • Spider plant

Living Room 

Living rooms often get the most natural light in a home, creating a prime space for placing plants around as decor. 

Plants love natural light, and it is important to ensure that each plant gets what they need. Some plants need direct sunlight, and some need indirect sunlight. Do some research on the plants you want to get. Doing this gives your plants what they need to thrive in your space! 

If you have the space in your living room, try grouping some plants together. Grouping houseplants makes plant care easier - and it is extremely attractive and visually impactful. 

Living room houseplants: 

  • Devils Ivy (Pothos) 
  • Spider plant 
  • ZZ plant 
  • Bamboo Palm

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