How To Update Your Kitchen On a Dime

By Kayla Beirne

Meal prep,  conversations, and memories are all happening in your kitchen. It’s not just a room, it’s the heart of your home. Such an important  place  should  look  and feel the way you have always imagined it would. If you can’t invest a lot of money into renovating your kitchen, there are ways to update your kitchen on a dime and get beautiful results

Paint the Walls

Painting  is  the  most  budget  friendly idea with a huge impact. Start  with  your  walls  and  see  if a color change is really all the kitchen needs.

Bring   some   samples   back   from   the   home   improvement store  before  selecting  a  color.  Look at the samples near your counters and cabinets to make sure they coordinate nicely. 

Also, view color samples in different lighting throughout the day to make sure you will like the color both day and night.

Cabinet Makeover

There  isn’t  much  that  takes  the  spotlight  in  a  kitchen  more  than  the  cabinets. Is it time for new cabinets or do they just need some TLC?

If  new  ones  aren’t  in  the  budget,  you  can make  them  look new over a weekend. With some sanding, removal of hardware, and a  few  coats of paint, cabinets can go from dark and dreary to bright and sunny. Have fun with color ideas. Anything goes, including different colors on upper and lower cabinets.


When   looking  for  ways  to  update  your  kitchen  on  a  dime, appliances   are   a   big  investment.  However,  there  are  ways around it. 

Look   for  used  appliances  using  your  for-sale  apps  or  post on  social  media  what you’re looking for and you might score a great deal. 

Many big box appliance stores offer open box deals or scratch-and-dent savings on kitchen appliances. 

Keep your old appliances if you can to save on cost. But if they really must go, shop around for bargains.

Back Splash

Thanks to YouTube, you can quickly learn how to install a new backsplash in your kitchen. With so many possibilities, this is a great way to give your kitchen a fresh, fun look. 

Get creative and make your kitchen your own without breaking the bank.

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