How to Create a Polished Entertainment Room

by Luke Smith

We   all   love   to   entertain   at   our   homes,  and whether you are hosting  an  elegant   dinner   party,   football  Sunday,  or  a  weekly book    club,    a   polished    living    room,    bar,    game   room,    or an outdoor entertainment center  can   make    all    the   difference. These    are    the    areas    where    you    will   do   most   of    your entertaining, and regardless  of  whether  you   are   having   a   get-together or relaxing   solo,   you   want   them   to   look   their   best and exude class.

If there  is  an   empty   room   in   your   house   that   you   are

looking  to transform or a current entertainment room that you want to improve, there are many tips at your disposal. Let’s look at some  of  the  techniques  that  the  professionals recommend and touch on the best seating, decor, and game options to create a space designed to impress.

Lovely Living Rooms

For  many   people,  the  living  room  is  where  they spend most  of their time, so it should be comfortable and visually pleasing. The first step to the perfect decor  is  figuring  out your     ideal    interior design style.   Some    people   like  a contemporary  look with furniture and wall decor that is  of

the current trends, while others like to mix and match new and old styles with a more traditional look. 

Regardless of your personal preference, most designers recommend a more simplistic look to the  room.  Clutter  adds  too  many elements and can look messy, unappealing, and limit space for guests.

Once you know your style, start to get a bit more specific as you look at colors and lighting  for  your   space.   Experts   have  found that  different  colors  create  different  feelings  for  people  in that room. For instance,  gray  walls  can  help  your  living room feel more spacious,   while  green  provides  a  more  natural look,  and  is also  the  color  most  synonymous  with  safety and security.

When it comes to lighting, don’t go overboard. You don’t want to  blind  your  guests,  and  in  fact,  you  should  have  your lighting on  a  dimmer  so  you  can  adjust  based  on preference. If you have a television in the room, place lighting carefully to limit glare. 

Finally, you will want to have several seating options. A couch works well  along  with  a  couple  of  chairs,  so  guests  have options. A wrap-around sofa provides a comfortable experience and will allow all guests  to  talk  to  one  another  without additional strain.

Great Game Room Ideas

A   game   room  is  a  perfect  place  to provide guests with fun and  comfort.   If   you   are  going  to  invite  people down to an entertainment   room   like    this,    then    you    need   to  have something for everyone to do. 

Start with the  television.  Go  for  a   larger  model   so   guests 

can  see  it  regardless  of  where  they  are  standing  in  the  room.  Many  decorators  recommend  mounting  the  television  and concealing  the  wires  to  create  a  more  streamlined  appearance. Remember to turn off the TV when not in use and  restrict any “always-on” features, so that you can save money on electricity costs.

Now  you need to add some fun things to do. Consider a billiard table as your main centerpiece that  will  really  pop  when  placed on  hardwood  flooring. Overhead, you can hang a classy, elongated billiard light or a few  pendants  so  players  can see what they are  doing. If you enjoy playing cards, you could  also  consider  pairing  this  with  a  poker  table.  There  are plenty of design ideas to choose from including the color of felt on the table. The colors can range from black to  green  to blue, so find a color that fits in with your decor. 

When  it  comes  to  seating for a game room, consider easily moveable furniture  like  ottomans  and  stools  so  guests  can move them  to  where  all the action is taking place. The great thing about ottomans is that they can  double  as  furnishings, so they look nice  even  when  not  in  use.  If  you  play  video  games  in your gaming room, then spend  a  few  extra  dollars  on ergonomically designed chairs that people will be comfortable in for long periods of time.

Home Bar

Whether you  are  making  world-class  cocktails  or  looking for a  great place to watch the baseball  game,  a  well-made home bar will do the trick.  A bar can be its own room  or a small part of  a  larger  area.  Even  if  you  are  limited on space, there are numerous   solutions  you   could  try.   For   example,  you  can create a layered  look  that  includes  a  small  wine cabinet with shelves above it  for  liquor  bottles.  Or, using 

something like a mobile bar cart will create a simple look of sophistication. 

If  you  are  going  for  the traditional bar look, then you should consider stools  that  are  just  the  right  height.  As  a  general rule, if   your  bar  or  counter  is  34-39  inches  tall,  then  you  should use counter stools that are 24-29 inches high. For a standard bar or   kitchen  counter  that is 40-46 inches high, stools should be 30-36 inches tall. You also have the choice of stools  with  backs or without.  A  backless stool creates more openness with the room, while one with a back can be a bit more comfortable.

As  for lighting, consider a mix of ideas. Put recessed lighting over the bar,  so  you  get  full  illumination  of  the  beverages without anything  hanging  in  front of them. Over the bar itself, you  can  add  pendant  lighting with a few lights for a  larger bar or a single fixture over a small bar. 

We  all  love the idea of getting together with friends and family in the comfort of our home. Take some  time to  perfect the design of your entertainment room and turn your house into the local hot spot.

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