How to Improve Your Home Bar: 3 Tips

by Kayla Keena

Before listing a home for sale, most homeowners try to make as many small updates to their homes as financially possible. The more updated and modern a home, the easier it is to sell, as new features and updates greatly appeal to homebuyers. A feature that’s popular in many housing markets is a home bar. Home bars give people the freedom to entertain and lounge in a home environment with the feel of being out. Check out this guide on how to improve your home bar before you sell.

1. Update the Bar Top

Consider updating the top of your bar before selling your home. Just like kitchens, home bars often have dated countertops that age the home. By updating the bar top to a more modern one, you can greatly increase interest in your home. Replacing the countertop with interesting black mosaic tile, for instance, can make the room feel more modern and look more appealing. A great bonus is that tiles are very easy to clean.

2. Add a Back Bar

If space allows, the addition of a back bar can make the home bar feel more authentic. It gives you a chance to display your nicest liquors and add some light decorations to personalize your bar. This helps potential homebuyers imagine their own decorations and liquors on display. A back bar also provides more useful space. You can achieve this by adding lower cabinets or a built-in bench with storage, and more.

3. Install Under-Cabinet Lighting

This is the easiest and lowest-cost update you can add to your home bar to make it more appealing to potential homebuyers. You can easily install LED strip lights underneath your bar top, along your back bar, or under cabinets to brighten the space. Lights add a bit of contour and intrigue to your bar and make it look fresh and new.

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