How to Make Unpacking Easier

by TJ Peterson

Unpacking may not be the most complicated or physically exhausting part of moving, but it is one of the most difficult parts because it takes place after your mental and physical energy has been drained by the most grueling parts of the moving process. As a result, it’s common to procrastinate unpacking until boxes are left open for days, weeks, and even months. It’s no wonder a process as simple as taking normal items out of boxes and putting them somewhere else becomes a challenge in this context.

Efficiently Packing for Efficiently Unpacking

There are plenty of ways to make this process easier before it even starts. You have to pack and unpack all of your belongings during the moving process, and you can do yourself a number of big favors by packing in an organized fashion.

Before packing anything else, set aside absolute essentials needed on the first night in the new home. Easy access to these items will be crucial, especially if unforeseen circumstances cut into the amount of time available to unpack on the first day in the new home. Some items that could be in this box include clothing, hygiene products, and a lamp so you can see at night. Everyone’s needs are different, but the box should contain anything that you can’t go a night without.

The unpacking process is easiest when the items in the boxes are in the area they need to be in. Unpacking individual items and then carrying them to different rooms wastes too much time and energy. Do your future self a favor by labelling boxes by where their items belong in the new home. This may not be the same as where they come from in the old one. If all the boxes are labelled based on where the items belong in the new home, your movers can do the work of placing these items in the right area. Once the boxes are placed in the right place, it will take much less time to unpack. 

Unpack the Kids' Stuff First

Kids and pets can cause a lot of commotion on moving day if they aren’t settled. The moving process is especially stressful on these members of your family; they don’t have as much of an understanding of what is happening as an adult. A child may be more settled in new surroundings if their room is ready early on in the process. Having a space that belongs to them can be reassuring, especially if it contains a lot of familiar items. Once the kids have a space of their own to retreat into, they may leave their parents alone and allow them more time to unpack. 

Thinking About Potential Expenses

Some items are more important than others during the first few days in a new home. It may even pay to unpack certain items and certain rooms before others. Spending days with your kitchen items unpacked will lead spending more money on food via takeout and delivery orders. If the clothes you wear to work aren’t unpacked, you might have to go clothes shopping after you move. Many things are replaceable, but bear in mind that replacement comes with a cost. First day items are important to think about while packing and unpacking, but thinking about the items that will be needed in the first week and first month as well will save you in the long run. 

About the Author

TJ Peterson is the content writer and digital marketing manager for Oz Moving & Storage. Oz is celebrating over 25 years in the moving business. Our company has been helping customers in New York City with their packing, moving, and storage needs since 1993. With dedicated departments with experts in commercial, residential, storage, and restoration/carpentry/disassembly, Oz can handle almost any request a customer might have in the moving process.