Sick Of Seeing The Same Cabinetry? Try These To Give Them A Fresh Look

by Kathleen Yates

Kitchen   cabinets   that   are  both  functional  and  tasteful  are vital for a dreamy kitchen. The style of your kitchen cabinets define the  outlook  of  your  kitchen,  the storage capacity, convenience, and add to the aesthetic of your place. Whether you are  aiming  for   new   kitchen   cabinets   or   want   to   update   the   existing ones, it is best to go with designs that are classic, contemporary, stylish, and timeless all at the same time.

Replacing   outdated   kitchen   cabinets   every   other   year   can be  expensive, so  we  are  here  with  some  amazing  ideas that would transform your kitchen completely. First, let’s understand what cabinet refacing means.

Cabinet   refacing  is   a  more affordable option to buying brand new cabinets and gives a complete makeover to your kitchen. Which keeps the layout, saves hundreds of bucks, and prevents unnecessary demolition and restoration.

1. Two-Toned Painted Scheme 

If   you   are   tired  of  seeing  the  same cabinets every day, get creative   with   colors.   You  can  use  the approach of mix and match   and   paint    the   upper   and   lower cabinets different colors.   Using  the  dark  and  light  shades  will give a balanced look   to   you  kitchen. You may try  applying the same color on doors  and  cabinets,   while   painting  a  darker  shade  on  the exterior   frame    Using   contemporary  colors  will add a long-lasting and fresh flavor to your kitchen.


2. Wood Veneer

The   best  alternative to replace the kitchen cabinet is to wood veneer them. The wood veneering comes in a wide range of  colors with   light  and dark shades. Which gives your cabinets a look of wood grain in quarter cut, rift cut, flat cut, or rustic planked forms. Its installation can be done on a DIY basis with incredible results. The process is simple and the  resurfaced  kitchen  cabinets  with wood veneers are both contemporary and striking and give your kitchen a simple yet elegant look. 

3. Spray It Gray 

When    bold    colors   seem   challenging   to   you,   gray  can   add a    subtle look to your kitchen.   Keep  in mind that spraying gives a more   professional,   smoother,   and   cleaner  appearance,   while brushing  would  leave  its  strokes behind. Spraying may take  a bit  longer,  but  it’s  worth your time, money,  and results. When you're   looking   to   update   current   cabinetry   and   colors   put  you  in doubt, spray gray in lighter and darker shades.

4. Get Your Cabinets Wallpapered 

The   design   element   of   your   cabinets   comes   from   the   cabinet   doors.   Adding   wallpaper   can   give your kitchen a new appearance, while still staying on a budget. 

Use   adhesive  wall  designs  such as shelf papers, vinyl decals, contact papers, or removable papers. Since this can be done on  a  DIY   basis,    it   is   inexpensive,    quick,   and  reliable,   as  it  saves  your cabinet wood from molding trims and acts as a covering. Make sure to choose one that is washable for better performance and longevity.

5. Bamboo Cabinets 

Although     an     uncommon    material,   bamboo   kitchen cabinets  are  much  sought  after  nowadays.   While  a  bit expensive,   they  are  very  durable  and resistant to cracks and chips.    It comes with easy installation and has positive environmental effects.

The   bamboo   cabinets   come   in  a   variety   of   options, including laminated and strand weave. 

You   can  style   your   cabinets   in   shaker   doors,    or   slab   door   panels  and  frames.   The  bamboo kitchen cabinets are a sustainable and cohesive addition to your kitchen. 

While  renovating  or  redesigning  your  kitchen, your cabinets come first. Going with options like  cabinet refacing, gives a fresh  look  and   saves  money  overall.   Choose  the  material  that  is  durable and colors that are long-lasting for a better outlook of your kitchen.

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