Tips for Increasing Home Marketability with Renovations

By Kayla Keena

There  are  several  ways  to  enhance  your  home  and  raise its value before selling. Following a few renovation tips for increasing home  marketability  will  surely  put you on the right track. Tackling a room at a time will allow you to make clear decisions, without an overwhelming laundry list of to-dos.

Update Your Kitchen

If   you   want   to   increase  the  value  of  your home, updating your  kitchen should be at the top of the list. You don’t have  to spend   money   redoing   everything,  but   new  stainless  steel or     black     appliances     can    make      a    huge    difference. Consider  changing   the  wall   and  cabinetry  colors,  except  if you have wood cabinetry.  Some  buyers   love  the  wood  look, and  if  not,   it’s  easy   enough   for  them  to  adjust  the  color later.  Avoid  funky  and  bold  coloring,  since  it can potentially 

be a turnoff for buyers. Be sure to keep it simple and clean-looking. A complete redo of your kitchen isn’t always necessary, but the space should draw positive attention and be up to date with current trends.

Ditch the Carpet

Carpeting   feels   nice   under   our   feet,   but   it    can    be   unsanitary    and    unappealing.    Carpets   contain   dust,  allergens, bacteria,   and   more,   which   can   turn   away   potential   buyers.   Consider   installing   hardwood,   laminate,   or  vinyl planking instead.  This  will  not  only  give  the  rooms  in  your house a completely new look, but also open up the space and make cleaning the floors less tedious.

If  you  already  have  hardwood flooring, check on the condition of your flooring and identify areas of faded finish. Years of wear  and   tear,   paired   with  spills  from  children  and  pets,  can  leave  areas  of the floor looking less than ideal. Refinishing  is  a simple fix. Once you’ve  sanded, check  for  damaged  planks  that  may  need replacing before adding your new stain.


When   your   home   is   on   the  market,   keeping   it  clean  is necessary.    Potential   buyers   need  to   be   able  to  imagine themselves  and their families living in the space.  If it’s  dirty  or messy,  you  may  be   hindering  your  home’s  salability.   Keep up  with  your  cleaning   routines   during   the  selling  process and     avoid    clutter.     This   is   the   perfect   time   to  purge unnecessary  items  before   your  move.   It  also  gives  buyers the  freedom  to  explore  the  home  with less restrictions. 

Practicing  organization, upholding cleaning regimens, and maintaining clutter-free spaces will make surprise visits from real estate agents and buyers less stressful.

The  list  of various ways  you  can  increase  home  marketability with renovations is endless. Use your imagination, and enter your home as  a potential buyer.   Take note  of what features of the home  deter you,  or  what features you see as assets. A real estate agent  can  always  lend  useful  suggestions  to  help  you  generate  interest  from buyers. However, when choosing the necessary updates, try to be objective and provide a blank slate. This way, potential buyers can imagine themselves in your home.

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