Tips for Restoring an Old House

By Kayla Beirne

Whether  you’re  in  the  business  of flipping houses or just bought yourself a fixer-upper, it never hurts to know a few good tips for restoring  an  old house. Since technology has advanced and we’ve learned better practices, many old homes have become relics of their time and present unique challenges. Allow us to offer a few of these tips to help you successfully refurbish old homes.

Repairing Infrastructure

The   most   important,   but   basic  aspect  is  repairing  the infrastructure  of an old house so that it doesn’t continue to decay.   Repairing   the   walls,   the  roof,  and  windows  are important  to  ensure the integrity of the building remains in good  health and doesn’t become a massive issue down the road.

After  you’ve  restored  the  basics  of  the house, you then need to get into the electronic systems and plumbing. You’ll likely need  a  mechanical  contractor  since  these  systems  are no easy task to repair or replace. Old plumbing may be rusted or compromised,  and  electronics  may  be  severely  outdated or missing entirely as the technology didn’t exist at the time the house was built. 

Removing Asbestos

Unfortunately,  most  homes  built  prior to the 1980s were made using asbestos as an insulation material before we knew just how toxic a  substance it was to humans. Learning how to identify asbestos is the first step, as many people aren’t aware of what it looks like.  Then,  if  you  do  discover  asbestos,  one  of  the  best  tips  for  restoring  an  old  house  with it is to simply get a professional service  to  remove it for you. These services are an absolute must. By trying to remove it on your own, you’ll likely end up poisoning yourself.

Updating Fixtures

Once    these   major   aspects   of   the   home   have   been addressed,  you  can  get  into  the finer details of the home, such  as  window  frames, door frames, and handrails. While these  may seem like fine details that won’t have much of an aesthetic  impact  on  their  own, these details are important for  the  overall  presentation  of  your refurbished home, as well as, preventing rot and mold from  taking  root  in  these nooks and crannies.

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