Top 7 Trends You Can Bring Into Your Home This Winter

by Kristina Marshall

There always seems to be this common misconception when it comes to interior designs. The idea that you need to hire a professional designer, search high and low for the “perfect” fit, and, of course, spend a ton of cash to turn a house into your home.

The surprising thing? 

Creating a new atmosphere in your home is not as difficult as you might think. With a bit of extra thought on your usage of space, implementation of colors, and furniture choices, the smallest touch can make a huge difference. 

Throughout this article, we plan to share eight of the biggest trends we anticipate seeing in homes this coming winter, and how you can use them in your own home. 

Space Saving With Style

One of the hardest obstacles to overcome with interior design is your space usage. There always seems to be an abundance of belongings with not enough room for them, which often leads to cluttering and a general bad vibe in your interior design. 

One great workaround is multitasking a space that serves more than one purpose. You could look into bay window seats, which serve as both seating as well as storage. Coffee tables that serve as cabinets, or even beds that have large open spaces underneath them.

Being able to pack important possessions in easy to reach places is important. Therefore, the best part about this trend is you can work on decluttering your home while you set everything up the way you want it. 

Expensive-Looking Second Hand

Although we all prefer buying brand-new items, sometimes second hand can be just as good and for a fraction of the price.There are dozens, possibly hundreds, of thrift stores throughout the world with their own unique vibrance and style that sets them apart. 

The main thing that matters is a keen eye for detail and knowing what you're looking for.  Although it's fun to browse second-hand shops freely and see what catches your eye, the best way to shop at these stores is to plan ahead of time.

Products That Matter

If you are planning to go all out on your home, it can quickly start to add up. Although our tips focus on being budget-friendly, it’s still important to make sure you consider the lifespan of your investment. 

A great question to ask yourself before committing to any purchases is, “How long will I be able to use this for, and what purpose will it serve?”. 

Studies show that earth-friendly furniture tends to have a more staple lifespan. From sleek and beautiful tables made from sustainable wood and built to last seventy years, to chairs and couches that are cozy and good for the environment, there's something for everyone. It may be a little pricier, but that cost is nothing for a piece that could become a significant talking point in your apartment!

Unconventional Couches

Different sofa products can change how a room layout comes across to guests and anyone new to your apartment. Don’t be scared to go out the box and bring a bit of your personality into your home with unique, unconventional, yet classy furniture. From rounded out couches that help create the appearance of more floor space, to nesting stools that can unstack to sit multiple people, there are options out there for every home.

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