Ways To Modernize Your Living Room

By Kayla Keena

Renovating your home’s living room can be overwhelming. When you’re beginning the process, you may wonder if you should start from  the  ceiling down or the floor up. Identifying the various ways to modernize your living room will help you create a game plan to get the room in order.


When   you’re   trying   to     open   up   a    space   and  make  it aesthetically  pleasing,  remember  that less is more. It’s time to remove  the items in your living room that no longer serve you. You don’t have to be a minimalist,   but the objects that take up space  in  the  room  should  be  useful,  pull the room together visually, or be removed.

Alleviate  cluttered  areas  by   removing   what   you   can  from walking   zones.    Traditional    shelves   can   be   cumbersome

and  make  the  room  feel  small,  so  consider installing floating shelves. Choose a few essential items or photos to set on them.  Floating  shelves  open  the space for movement and allow for a clean and modern look, while displaying your most important items.

Modern Lighting

A great  way to declutter a room of unnecessary objects is to remove lamps and install modern light fixtures and switches. This will free  up  space  and  update  the  look  of  the  room.  Some  prevalent  themes  currently  trending  for  fixtures  and bulbs include steampunk  or  rustic  looks. The idea is to go with something classic, but unique. Installing dimmer switches and compatible bulbs will  allow  for  lighting  adjustments  based  on  the  desired use and type of activity at the moment. Implementing mood lighting in your living room can completely change the feel of the space.


If   you   have   worn   hardwood   or  an   old carpet,  you might consider   updating   your  f looring.    Flooring   that  resembles hardwood  will  never  go  out  of  style.  When  your  hardwood needs    a    refinish,    investigate    new    stain    shades    fo   a modernized look.

You   can   also   explore   laminate   and  vinyl  flooring options, when   you   tear   out   carpet.  Changing  your  flooring can be

a  costly endeavor, but the wood look gives a clean feel and opens the space. You may also want to lay down a nice area rug to pull a sitting area together.

There  are  many  ways  to  modernize  your  living  room  and  make  it  feel  cozy  and  new. You should feel relaxed in your space, providing a welcoming and calm ambience to visitors. Updating your living room is a step toward making your house your home. In addition, you’re creating a more marketable residence for any future selling ventures.

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