Should I Allow A Lockbox On My Home?

You have listed your home for sale and your real estate agent has asked if they can put a lockbox on your home, but should you allow it?

The decision of if you should allow access to your home while you are not at home, or even access to your home by buyers and sellers unaccompanied by your trusted listing agent is an extremely personal decision that only you can make based on your situation, but here is some information about the different types of lockboxes and the pros and cons to allowing showings with lockboxes.

Pros: If you want to get your home sold quickly for the most money, then making your home as accessible as possible is the way to go.  The lockbox allows for last minute, anytime showings.

Cons: Safety and security.  Even with electronic lockboxes that only other licensed professionals have access, thousands of people in the community have those keys.  You may also be reluctant to allow people in your home when you are not home. 

Another con to some electronic lockboxes is that not all agents have an E-Key.  If your licensed real estate agent doesn't use a box with universal access they may be locking out agents and buyers that may make the best offer.  Some electronic lockboxes have a keypad which allow real estate professionals to access the box with a combo, but other electronic boxes are more restrictive.  This restriction can be to strict, as some agents use this kind of box and it ends up locking out other real estate agents.  If your agent insists on putting an electronic box on the house, be sure that they will give access to the property to all potential buyers and their buyer's agents, by either accompanying the showing or providing alternate access.

Allowing a lockbox and open access to your home takes a great deal of faith.  Most licensed professionals are bonded and insured and will watch their clients while they are in your home, but you may have doubt.  The best bet when selling your home is to clear out and secure all of your valuables. Get a safety deposit box at a local bank and take your valuables there when marketing your home. When you are marketing your home for sale it is best to keep it uncluttered and valuables should be out of site. Firearms should be locked in a safe and any prescription drugs that you may have in your home should not be accessible.

Many people are installing security cameras in their homes through their local alarm or cable company.  These cameras can offer piece of mind for showings when you are not home.  Put signs up around your home informing home buyers that there are cameras in the house.  That will act as a deterrent for anyone that may not have the best intentions.

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