Tips for Selling a House on a Busy Road

By Kayla Keena

Your  house  has  beautiful  architecture and stunning landscaping, but for some reason, people just aren’t buying. If your home sits on  a  busy  road,  it  can  often  be  frustrating  trying  to  close  a  sale.  Usually  due  to  noise  pollution or the lack of privacy, many homeowners  prefer  not  to  live  close  to  a  bustling  street.  While  you  may  wis h you  could  just pick your house up and plop it somewhere  else,   there  are  other  ways  to  make  your home more appealing to buyers. Here are some effective tips for selling a house on a busy road.

Reduce Road Noise

One of the biggest concerns that people have when purchasing a house on a busy road is the noise. Understandably, they don’t want   to   live   with   honking   horns   and   revving  engines as constant  background  noise.  As  such,  one of the best ways to make  your  home  more  attractive  to buyers is by making it as soundproof as possible.

Some  solutions  to  soundproofing  your  house  include  installing acoustic mesh panels,  upgrading  your  insulation, locating and sealing  any  cracks  or  small  holes, sealing gaps around doors, and investing in a solid-core door. By making such alterations, you can give potential buyers the peace of mind that they won’t wake up with a symphony of road noises each night.

Use Landscaping To Create Privacy

Aside  from  excess  road  noise,  another  one  of  the  biggest  concerns  is  the  lack  of  privacy.  With  the assumption that hundreds  of  people  driving  by  are looking in their windows every day, potential buyers usually turn away. They want to be able to spend time out on their front lawn or in their backyard without feeling a bunch of eyes on them.

To help restore some privacy to the property, consider implementing strategic landscaping. For example, installing a privacy fence,  hedges,  and  trees  around  the perimeter of the property can create a privacy barrier while also blocking the view of the unappealing road.

Consider Targeting Commercial Buyers

Another  tip  for  selling  a  house  on  a  busy  road  is  to target commercial   buyers.    While   residential   buyers   may   not be interested in living on a thoroughfare, you may have better luck with a commercial client. After all, the more people who pass by a business, the more likely they are to look inside.

As such, your location is an advantage rather than a detriment for those looking to set up their business. If local zoning laws allow, marketing your house toward commercial buyers could be the best way to get the deal you are after.

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