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What is the Nationwide MLS?

One account, with nationwide impact.Looking to list in one place and reach thousands of agents across the country? MyStateMLS, the nationwide Multiple Listing Service allows you to list once and have your listing seen by agents across the US and Puerto Rico. Licensed in multiple states with one brokerage? No problem, no additional charge. Missed the

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Dear Dave: Advice for Your (Customer) Relationships

What happens when a lead tells you they’re not ready to list? Do you always text back, or are you ghosting potential clients? Once you have a listing, are you keeping your sellers happy past the honeymoon phase? Your customer relationships are the key to your success, and it's okay to need a little relationship advice

Facebook Live for Real Estate | On-Demand Webinar

Going Live on Facebook Live: Real Estate EditionIntroduction:Dave: Hello everyone how's it going? Welcome to StateListingsInc. The home of MyStateMLS and NewYorkStateMLS. You know the deal, my name is Dave, and today we're talking about going Live on Facebook. We're going to cover a whole lot of different topics today. What you need to know to get started, what you need to know when you're

On-Demand Webinar | Explore Our Newest Features

Explore The Newest Features for The Nationwide Multiple Listing ServiceIntroduction:Dave: Hello and good afternoon. Welcome to StateListingsInc. The home of MyStateMLS, my name is Dave, and today we're talking about all things that are new for MyStateMLS.Dave: What that means is, we're going to be covering a whole bunch of different things that we're adding to the platform,