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Succeeding in the Post-COVID-19 Real Estate Market

Are you prepared for the new 'business as usual'? Join guest host Joe Meyer to learn a combination of planning, execution and motivation to help guide you through the challenges of today and tomorrow as we face the Post-COVID-19 real estate market. Missed Us Live? Catch the Replay. Join us to learn:What is the the 95/5

Free Webinar: International Listing Syndication with My State MLS

Last month, we launched our newest feature for members - international syndication through ListGlobally. With26 sites across 24 countries,enhanced listing metrics and printable reportsfor your sellers, as well asexclusive, discounted accessto ListGlobally's Global Agent Program, there's a lot to explore!

Free Webinar: Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Have you been spending more time on social media lately? You're not alone. With a somewhat captive audience, top agents are taking advantage of their followers' more frequent scrolling by ramping up their online presence. They've been putting out entertaining and innovative content that keeps their viewers entertained and informed, even from a

Free Webinar: Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Now more than ever, you need a robust marketing strategy for yourself and your listings. Our current reality of family gatherings and college classes available over Zoom has buyers' expectations for online content higher than ever before.If they're able to do their entire job remotely, why can't they search for a home? Missed Us

What is the Nationwide MLS?

With recent events, agents across the US are looking for new ways to market their listings online. Buyers are doing more online research and requesting fewer showings than ever (and in some areas, cannot request showings at all).How are you changing your marketing strategy to fit the new work from home world? Missed Us Live? Catch the

April Showings Bring May Closings

Our whole industry is facing unprecedented changes, and we're all learning to work with the new normal. Despite the ever-changing regulations and restrictions, top agents are still doing business and getting sales - even if they have to do it from home. In our most recent webinar, we covered how you can use this time to set yourself up to hit the ground running for a successful busy

The 'Silver Tsunami' of Baby Boomers' Changing Needs

Controlling over1/3 of homes and 2/3 of home equity, Baby Boomers are a huge force in the real estate market. Half of this generation has hit retirement age, and the remainder are alreadyconsidering their plans after leaving the workforce. Missed Us Live? Catch the Replay. With such ahuge shift in

Marketing to the Forgotten Generation

Members of Generation X are often referred to as'The Forgotten Generation'- with good reason. With the media focus on Baby Boomers' changing needs and marketers focusing on reaching younger generations, few businesses are catering to Gen X. Missed Us Live? Catch the Replay. Savvy real estate agents are focusing on

Are You Missing the Largest Group of Homebuyers?

We call millennials young adults, but the oldest members of this generation are approaching their 40s. They are nowthe largest group of homebuyers on the market,with unique needs from their real estate agent.Millennials arereshaping the real estate market, with priorities completely different from their predecessors. Are you up to date and ready to help? We've created a class