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Ready for your close-up? Video content will be a crucial sales tool for top agents in 2021. Videos receive better social media engagement, increase email open rates, and can even improve your SEO. If you're intimidated by scripted, edited video production - don't worry. With live streaming services like Facebook Live, you don't even need fancy gear or a lengthy script to get started.

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Going Live on Facebook Live: Real Estate Edition


Dave: Hello everyone how's it going? Welcome to StateListingsInc. The home of MyStateMLS and NewYorkStateMLS. You know the deal, my name is Dave, and today we're talking about going Live on Facebook. We're going to cover a whole lot of different topics today. What you need to know to get started, what you need to know when you're actually going Live and then what you can do after your Live video has wrapped up, what can you do with that video afterwards.

Question And Answer:

Dave: So before we get started, I actually just want to ask you a quick question. Have you gone Live before? Have you used Facebook Live? Have you done maybe Instagram Live? Today we're really talking about Facebook but I want to know If you've done those Live videos before, whether you were sitting at your desk, maybe you were doing a walkthrough of a home. I want to know If you've gone Live to promote your business, to promote a listing. Let me know whether or not you've gone Live and before, Yes or No.

Dave: So we're going to do now is, we're going to wrap up that vote and as you probably may have expected, especially If you casted your no vote, you probably had a feeling, oh maybe I'm the only one. Well, don't worry. If you haven't gone Live on Facebook before, you are certainly not alone. About two-thirds of you with us today have never done a Live video before and that's what we're going to be talking about today and that's why I'm actually here in front of the camera today. Sometimes I hide behind the screen, sometimes I'm here front and center and that's what we're going to be doing today, is talking about going Live and really just showing off your beautiful face, showing off that beautiful property, whatever it is you're doing for your Live video to promote your business. 

Dave: So the first thing we want to talk about are those Facebook Live basics. Again, we're going to go through the entire process when we're talking about going Live, whether It's going before we hit record when we're going Live, and then of course, what we can do with that video afterwards. So first off, let's just talk about what Facebook Live is. You know Facebook is essentially the largest social media platform in the entire world. We do it to check in with family members, we share pictures of our children, of our dogs, the food we're eating but it can also be used to stream Live video to your Facebook audience and now we can have Facebook Live on our personal pages, we can also have Facebook Live on our business pages and that's what we want to talk about today, is using Facebook Live for your professional page. Whether It's your brokerage Facebook page, maybe you have an agent public account, these are the kind of things where you can do Facebook Live and when you go Live with your Facebook, your followers, your Facebook friends, they're gonna see that Live video pop up in their feed and they can actually go ahead and start watching, start interacting with you in real-time. Which is really cool because you can actually use those reactions as a way to interact with your viewers.

Dave: So If you're walking through a property and say, oh wow, check out, take a look at this backyard view. If you guys like this backyard view, go ahead and hit that heart button. What you'll do is, you'll see the little hearts floating up on to the top of the screen, letting you know that people are interacting with that video and responding to what it is you're saying. So It's really cool that you can use this Facebook Live as a way to interact with those that are watching you in real-time. Additionally, you can use Facebook Live to market out to different people as well, and then of course, what can you do with that Facebook video once you've gone Live? Once you've wrapped up?

Dave: All of your Facebook Live videos are automatically saved to your page. So once that Facebook Live event has been completed, It's now saved as a Facebook video. So that Live video can be replayed at any time, you can go ahead boost that post, you can share that post, you can send it off to someone who might have missed it. So that little Live video is now a piece of content that's on your Facebook page and can be shared through all different outlets. So there's so many different times that you can go Live. There are the times you go Live when It's scheduled when you put a schedule out in advance, you know when you're going to go Live and then there's also those impromptu Live sessions, maybe you just signed a listing contract and you want to do a quick walk through the home and say, I just signed the listing contract, the ink is drying right now. Here's this house that's going to go on the market and you walk through the house and you show it off on Live.

Dave: If you're going to do videos on a regular schedule, here's some of the things you're going to want to know. First thing, of course, is to create a regular schedule. Back when I was in high school, I knew that Friends was on every Thursday, at 8 pm. Exactly when our favorite shows, were gonna be on tv. The same thing can hold true for your Facebook Live videos when you want to interact with your online audience. When Covid had the most impact on the world and businesses were closing their doors and you weren't allowed to go into the office. We actually went Live on Facebook on the MyStateMLS Facebook page every Tuesday and Friday mornings, at 11 a.m and what we did during those Facebook Lives is, we cover different topics about how you can utilize social media, how can you utilize Facebook, and how you can change and modify the way that real estate agents do business, during a time when those stay in shelter orders were in place and what we did is, we made social media posts, so we had our banner on our Facebook page, said Facebook Live every Tuesday and Friday.

Dave: So that way people that visited our page knew that was going to happen and it was always going to happen as long as we had that schedule going. So that's one thing that you can do is, plan your Live sessions well in advance, create a schedule just like your favorite TV show. It's on the same day, same time, you could do the same exact thing with your Facebook Lives, maybe you want to do a weekly market report, so what you do is, every Friday or maybe every Monday, what you do is say, here are the newest listings that came on the market this weekend and you just go ahead and do a Facebook Live, talking about the new listings or on the end of the week, you can say, here's this week's market report and you can go over how many listings were added in the area, how many listings sold in the area and these are things that you can just go ahead and go on Facebook Live with.

Dave: Educate your audience, so that way they know down the road, If they ever want to buy a house or sell a house because you've done these Facebook Live videos, these informational series, they know that you're the professional, they know that you know everything about the business, that you know everything about what's going on in your local market, they're gonna come to you. So having those Live videos can certainly, not only promote yourself immediately but It's gonna leave some long-lasting impressions.

Dave: You can also go Live when things are happening. So like I said, we've got two different options. We've got our scheduled stuff and our impromptu stuff. You don't need to schedule every Live stream. So If you're doing current events, you're sharing exciting news, you can do a Live video. Maybe you just did the biggest sale you've ever done and you're so excited for it. You just want to get in your car and say, hey guys, I'm just leaving a closing right now and I'm feeling really good. I'm feeling very excited. I'm feeling very motivated. So I just wanted to share with you some of the things that I do to manifest positivity in my life. Again, it doesn't have to be about real estate all the time too. If you just want to share the mantras that you give to yourself, every single morning when you get up just because you feel that you're in that sharing positive mood. Again, you just get that big closing, you know that it happened because you manifested that, you can share that online.

Dave: Again, it can be about whatever you want. Of course, you're not going to want to just come up on a Friday night, after you've been hanging out with some buddies and go on Facebook Live and just ramble on for two hours. You're going to want to make sure you actually have something to talk about that pertains to your business because again, you may be going on Facebook Live from your professional page. You're going to want to make sure that you maintain that professionalism when you do your Facebook Live videos. Again, you can also do the Facebook Live through that walkthrough through that property. Once, you've just signed that listing contract, you know that listing is going to go on the market. Go Live in front of that house, maybe you don't do the walkthrough but you can just say, hey I'm outside this house. I've just signed the listing contract, we're going to go on the market tomorrow morning. Be sure to tune back to this Facebook page once this listing is Live. I want to make sure you see inside it before anyone else, so make sure you check back here tomorrow morning when that listing is Live.

Dave: And you can promote that. That video is going to be then on your Facebook page and then you can share that, so people know, oh I need to go back to this Facebook page tomorrow because that house looks amazing. I can't wait to see what it looks like on the inside. 

Dave: So let's first talk about getting started with your Facebook Lives. Of course, the first thing you're going to need is Facebook. You could go Live from your personal Facebook, that's but we really suggest that you use a business profile page. So again, whether that's going to be a Facebook page for your brokerage or If you've got a professional agent page, make sure you've got that. Next thing you're going to want to do is either have a camera built into your laptop, like I'm using today, a webcam or you could even use the camera on this little device, on your cell phone. So you've got all of these different things that can allow you to go Live, you could even use your tablet as well.

Dave: Then lastly we've got a little bullet point there for something worth sharing. Again, you're not going to want to be hanging out with your buddies, you come home late night, Friday night from the bar and you're going to get on Facebook Live and ramble. You may not want to do that. So when you've got some facts, something that you really want to share, something that you think your audience is really going to enjoy, then you can go Live. If you want to improve the quality of your video when you go Live, you may want to make sure that you're using an HD camera. The camera on my laptop, not terrible but I also have, I'm not using it right now because I wanted to use it for this demonstration. You can use a nice HD camera, this one just clips on right onto the top of my screen, so that way it gives me a nice HD video. These can also be mounted to tripods, this one can just lay flat on a table.

Dave: So there's so many different cameras out there where you can go shop at your local favorite store, your photography store, of course, you can go to the internet, pick these up for just a couple of bucks and these will certainly improve the quality of your video. Again, If you're going to be just talking in front of a camera, use a tripod If you can. They even make tripod mounts for your cell phone. So If you're going to just use the camera on your phone, you still could put it inside a tripod, It's got the little clamps that hold it in place. So instead of the camera shaking around because you're holding it or you know, trying to stretch your arm out to get your face in the shot, just set it on a tripod, step back and get the video you need.

Dave: If you can use a good external microphone. Again, my laptop has a built-in microphone,. Cell phones have built-in microphones, the cameras have built-in microphones but as you can see today, I am using a headset. I typically have a nice microphone in front of me when I'm working from home, not at the house right now. I'm in the Adirondacks. So I'm completely different from where I'm normally at. So I'm using a headset, you could do that as well, you can use a nice microphone or what most people have, is they have their earbuds for their phone which also does have that microphone built-in. So you could also do that as well. Entirely up to you as what you want to do.

Dave: If you plan on doing Facebook Lives from your desk, make sure you've got a well-lit, simple backdrop. If you want to set up some extra lamps in the room to make sure you're well lit, you could do that and the reason I set up the way I am today is because I wanted to have my nice, clean, backdrop behind me. My nice wood, I think this, I don't know what kind of wood this is, oak, maple, mahogany, balsa? I don't know what kind of wood it is but It's real wood and It's a very nice backdrop behind my screen. I've got some very big windows and a sliding glass door. If I was on the opposite side, what would happen is, I would look washed out because all the light that's coming in from the room would, unfortunately just make me turn into a silhouette and It's not the best angle in terms of lighting but here, I've got my wood backdrop behind me. So I've got a nice, clean, backdrop for my Facebook Lives.

Dave: Again, we touched on this earlier, is when you go Live, make sure you're going Live for your business Facebook profile. If you don't have one, make sure you go ahead and create it and try to flush it out as best as you possibly can. When it comes to creating that business profile, make sure you've got at least these things and that of course, is going to be your name, all of your contact information, make sure you have a nice, well-lit, photo. So If you've got those professional photos done for your headshot for the company website, go ahead and use that for your business profile as well, and then If you can, you can add links to your company profile on your brokerage website, links to the brokerage website, wherever you want. Make sure you've got that profile completely flushed out and again, we talked about it before, make sure you've got a good quality camera when you're going Live.

Dave: Again, you can go with the basics. You can go with your laptop camera, you can go with your cell phone camera but If you can, make sure you've got a nice camera. That's certainly going to just be the easiest way to make your quality of your videos better. So again, you've got your camera, you've got a tripod and If you can, use lighting to your advantage. I've got some nice candle lights above me right now. I'm relying mostly on natural light right now in this room. I'm in a very large room again, one of the other reasons I'm using this headset microphone is because there's concrete floors. It's very echoey in here but by using a headset, that's going to allow me to combat most of that echo and It's just going to pick up my voice going into the microphone as opposed to all the sounds bouncing off the floors and the walls of the room that I'm in.

Dave: Again, going over our backdrop. If you want, a simple backdrop is always going to be key. Something simple, It's not going to distract the viewers from the video because I know, If you've seen my Lives before, you know I usually go Live from the home office, down in the basement of my house, my man cave, my playroom, which has all my video games behind me. I like to use it because it does provide a nice little talking point and it gives people a little interested because I said, oh look at that video, what's going on behind them but again you're not going to want to be too distracting from what you have to say when it comes to your Facebook Live videos. If you don't have a clear backdrop, what you could always do is just get a nice curtain, a bedsheet, and kind of find something for it to hang over. I've seen so many different ways that it can be done, you can buy coat racks and hang them from coat racks, you can also buy backdrop kits from online websites. I know amazon sells them, you can have them, where they have the green screen backdrop or you can just get a plain black backdrop or a white one. They're very affordable and you can just pick those up fairly easily from most websites online.

Dave: What's also great about going Live on Facebook is, you're going to be able to cross-post what you've done on Facebook to other streaming websites. We already know that right behind Google, Youtube is the second largest search engine for consumers because they're going to Youtube to look for tutorials, educational videos and they may be just be looking for information about a product that they're interested in. So lots of people are going to Youtube. So you may want to consider also sharing your video from Facebook to also to Youtube.

Dave: Twitch is again another very popular website for streaming. It's usually used for gaming but It's becoming more and more popular for things such as music and I think over time, we'll probably see more people using it for podcast-type scenarios as well. So you'll start seeing a lot more talking heads on Twitch as well. If you want to go ahead and go Live from all of these different platforms. What you can do is, use a software on your computer that's going to allow you to send your stream to all those sites at once. What we recommend here at StateListings is OBS, which is Open Broadcast Software. That's what I've used for going Live on Facebook when we did our Facebook Lives last year. That's what I was using and It's a very pretty simple, easy-to-use tool and again, you plug in all the different URLs for the sites that you want to send to, you click broadcast and it starts sending out to all those all at once. 

Dave: So before we go into our planned Lives, let's just kind of recap. Again, we can go with our camera that's built into our laptop, on our phones. We can buy a secondary camera, that nice HD camera and then, of course, we want to make sure we've got a good microphone and If you can have a nice, well-lit room with a nice backdrop behind you. When you're going Live and you're doing those planned Lives again, these are the ones where you plan on going Live from your desk, from your office and you plan on talking about different things, whether It's the market, new listings that are in the area, things that are happening in real estate in your area. Whatever you plan on talking about, you've been promoting it. Now It's time to actually go Live and tell your story, share the information you want to tell your viewers.

Dave: Before you hit go Live, you have to make sure you know what you want to say and you have an outline of what you plan on saying. So as you create your outline, there's so many different ways that you can plan for it. So the first thing that you're going to want to do is, know your audience. So who's going to watch your video? Is it going to be other professionals? Is it going to be consumers? Potential clients? Potential sellers? Just make sure you keep your audience in mind, so when you're talking, you're not using jargon that may be confusing. Try to talk as simply as possible, so your viewers understand exactly what it is you're talking about.

Dave: Next is going to be your time limit. You can set a personal one. Remember with Facebook Live and Youtube Live, when you're going Live there really is no set time limit. There's no restrictions. When you're doing something like a story on Instagram or you're doing a TikTok video, you're only limited to 60 seconds. So you have to make sure that you keep in mind that there is no time limits but you don't want a drone on forever because eventually, your audience will begin to lose interest and they will click off. So If you can, make sure you have that nice outline, we'll talk about that in a little bit, is having that outline, so you know exactly what you want to say and making sure that you hit all those bullet points.

Dave: And then lastly, when it comes to preparing for your Facebook Live video is, what kind of Live stream are you going to be doing? Are you going to be teaching about something? If you are, you're going to need to make sure that you cover all your steps properly. If you're hosting a Q&A, you're going to want to make sure that you're allowing for participation from your viewers. So and what you can do, especially in terms of Q&A is maybe just have some questions already prepared because what happens is, you can lead by example, someone may be watching your video and they say, well I don't know If that's a good question, I don't want to ask a dumb question then they just won't ask it at all. So you can kind of start things off and say, well here's a question here, someone wants to know what they can do to make their Facebook Live videos better? And that's what we're talking about today, so thank you for that question, that's a great question. That question didn't actually come in, I'm just kind of allowing to create that snowball by saying, here's a question that was submitted to us and answering that question and then others will start to say, all right, well I'm going to ask this question. That's a good idea, let me ask that.  

Dave: So again, we just talk about your time constraints, where there is no time constraint really when you're going Live but again you're still wanting to make sure you maintain that time and especially, If you're using Outdoor lighting again, If you're going to be doing a video and at your desk and you're relying on the sunlight coming in through the window, that sun's not going to be there forever. So make sure you keep it short and concise, so that way It's not dark by the time. If you're doing a Live walkthrough of a home and let's say It's a vacant home, there aren't lights in every single room because the lights are long gone with the homeowners when they moved out. So make sure that you're going through that house and showing everything you can while time permits. So make sure you get through that house quickly with your phone before the sun sets.

Dave: The next is, managing your engagement. Again, like we said before, you're going to be asking Q&A sessions from your Facebook Lives. If you're having your viewers ask questions, If you can engage your audience as well ask questions the other way. So you saw when we first started, we had a poll saying, whether or not you've gone Live before and we use that as a way to engage with you, to make sure that you're paying attention. We also have that questions tab and we encourage our viewers to use that questions tab because we want to make sure that anyone has questions about what we're covering and because again, we may forget to cover something, even though we're following bullet points, I may forget something that I wanted to say. Like Carlene asks, is this being recorded? and Yes, it is being recorded. And the beauty of that going Live is, that we can record our videos and share them at any time. 

Dave: So again, I'm engaging right now because we've got our questions tab in, the Go-to webinar session. So you can ask your questions to me, I can address them and that could get the ball rolling and encourage others to go ahead and respond as well. 

Dave: And lastly, I wasn't going to cover it but we'll just talk about it because I'm doing it right now, is we have to make sure we keep people engaged. So you don't really want to go silent too often, you don't want to be quiet, you don't want to have any awkward pauses because anything that pauses could lead to someone being distracted by something else. Again, most of you are probably watching this webinar on your computer, If you're like me, you may have multiple screens, you may be trying to list a property right now while I'm playing in the background, you may be shopping, looking for you know, a new bathing suit while I'm talking. I don't know but what I've done and what our goal is to do while we do these Live videos is, to keep everyone engaged.

Dave: So let's go ahead and talk about virtual open houses. We saw a big increase in the popularity of virtual open houses. Again, last year as a lot of lockdown orders, a lot of social distancing orders were put in place last year. So virtual open houses certainly have changed the way that people are buying and selling houses and again as we said before, the beauty of going Live now is the fact that you're gonna have that replay later. So even If someone missed that virtual open house, that virtual tour, they can go ahead and see it at any time on demand just by visiting your Facebook profile page.

Dave: And again going back to Covid and people doing social distancing. We also saw a big migration of a lot of people, in a lot of different areas. Again, I'm here in Upstate New York and what we saw last year was a lot of people from New York City, moving out of the area. Whether they were finding rental properties that they could you know, rent for a year or they were just flat out moving out of the city and getting someplace higher up the Hudson Valley, out of the congested city. But with open houses, you're now opening the doors and allowing potential buyers from out of the area to be able to properly walk through a home, without having to take the two-hour drive or fly across the country to see that property. It's really opening the door and allowing for those out of area buyers to see your property and hopefully, be interested in buying it. So virtual open houses have certainly changed the game and I think we'll certainly see those virtual walkthroughs, those video tours certainly stick around because it really does affect and change the way that potential buyers see a house now.

Dave: So just like going on Facebook Live and you're doing that informational video at your desk, you still have to prepare for your Facebook Live when you're doing that virtual tour of that home. Again, just like you would for a traditional open house, you're going to want to prepare that virtual open house the same exact way. The first thing you're going to want to do is, set a schedule. If you know that you're going to have some time to walk through that house on a Friday afternoon, start promoting it on Monday saying, we're going to be going Live from this house Friday afternoon. Don't miss the walkthrough. You can post it on your social media, you can post it on your Twitter, you can post it anywhere. You can send out advertising emails, letting people know that on Friday, on your Facebook page and you'll include a link where that Facebook page is, that you're going to be going Live.

Dave: So the same exact way that you would prepare for that regular in-person, open house. You're going to do the same exact things for that virtual tour as well. Then when It's time to go Live, there's a whole bunch of things that you can do to prepare the house. I don't have any bullet points here but I just do like to touch on them because again, you're going to be walking through a house, with a phone in hand. So you may not have time to try to flip a light switch or open a door. That's only just going to cause for unnecessary lulls in your video. Just like we said before, you want to keep everyone engaged and interested in your video. So If you have to stop and try to figure out which light switch turns on the light in the bathroom, before you're turning on four different fans and the heat lamp and everything. Just go through the house, turn on all of the lights, open up all the doors. So that way when It's time to walk through the house, you don't have to fiddle with switches, you don't have to try to jiggle door handles, you don't have to find out that, oh this closet's locked because you've already done the walk through yourself. 

Dave: When It's time to actually hit that Live button. You don't necessarily have to start in front of the house but we're not saying that's a bad thing but If you want, you can start someplace that's interesting. So yes, everyone, we always think that the front of the house is what we always see, we always, that's what we see when we see the listings online. It's always the front of the house but If you want to engage your audience and kind of pique their interest right from the beginning, start somewhere interesting. So maybe there's a billiard table downstairs, maybe there's a theater room inside the home. What is the most interesting thing to you when you look at that house? If It's not a physical thing, maybe It's just the back porch but it has some nice woods, that has the sun right there. Start someplace that you think is going to be enticing and If you can, you could always circle back to that same exact spot at the end. So you're kind of bookending this property, virtual walkthrough with the best bits of the house.

Dave: Then once you start going Live, you start walking through. Make sure you engage your audience. Again, If you take a picture and you start at that sunset and you can say, wow, what do you guys think of that sunset? If you guys think that's beautiful, go ahead hit that like button, hit that heart button. Let me know what you think of that sunset and people are going to start engaging. Again, you'll see the hearts go up on the side of the screen, those likes, letting you know that people are engaging. You can even have people go ahead and comment as that Live video is going on. So you can go ahead and respond to people in real-time

Dave: And going back to what we kind of touched on before, when you're doing your Facebook Live, make the most of it. So If you want, go ahead and create a flyer or brochure. So when you go to an in-person, physical open house, what is typically handed out? So someone signs out that I was here sheet and then they're usually given an MLS sheet or some kind of brochure or listing sheet about that property. Go ahead and still make those, even for your virtual open houses, and what you can do is, we can say, we're going to walk through the house and say, all right. If you like this property and you'd like to know more, just send me a message or leave your email in the comments of this video and I'm going to go ahead and send you a special brochure just about this property. The only way to get it is by responding to this video. So you've created something exclusive and that people may want to get and If they go ahead and leave their email there, now you've gone ahead and you've collected a leave or excuse me, you've collected a lead just like you would If you were doing a Live open house.

Dave: After that, you could go ahead and create a report of viewer feedbacks or questions and maybe determine If things need to be improved, what could be done to improve the listing, not only improve the listing but you could also use it as a way to improve your virtual walkthroughs because again, we don't think they're going away, they're only going to become more and more popular. So you could always use those the Facebook comments as a way to tell the seller what could be done to improve the curb appeal of their home. If you walk into a room and It's just dark green walls and someone comments, oh what is up with those walls? You can go ahead and let the homeowner know, say, oh you know what? Someone did comment that these green walls were a little off-putting. You may want to consider repainting this room and we'll update the photos online.

Dave: And as we said before, anytime you go Live on Facebook, Facebook automatically saves that video to the cloud, and It's saved to your page. So that way you can share that video, people can view it at any time. So what you can do with that post If you're familiar, you can boost that post, you can pin that post, so that way when anyone goes to your business page or agent page on Facebook the first thing they see is that most recent virtual tour walkthrough. If you can, you could also consider downloading that replay from Facebook, and then you can go ahead, edit it down, make it shorter, maybe add some music, and then you've essentially created a virtual tour.

Wrap Up: 

Dave: But that kind of wraps things up for me today. I know some questions have been coming in as we've gone through the entire presentation. Elena wanted to know If there is a fee for a business Facebook profile page? And there is no fee to create that business page. Those are free pages, you can make those. Again, you can make a company page, you can make an agent page, those are all free to create on Facebook.

Dave: Of course, you can pay Facebook to boost your posts. So again, If you want to target post to specific people in a specific area, you want to hit specific target audiences, what you can do is, you can pay essentially an Ad service fee and what they'll do is, they'll boost your post and create an Ad from that. So It's put in front of those target audiences that you're looking for that may not follow you already. Robin wants to know, is can you see the viewers who are on camera, or are you just talking blindly? That's really going to depend on your setup, depending on If you have multiple screens or even how you have the Facebook Live set up on your device. For me, when I do Live videos, I've got a multiple-screen setup. So not only do I have say, my slideshow here directly in front of me while I'm talking but on my secondary screen, I can go ahead, I can see the chats that are coming in, I can communicate with the rest of my team here, all while we're going through here.

Dave: Here's a funny one. Haley says I do not like my philly accent, do I need to get over myself? Well as our team members say is, you know what? It's good to have something that makes you unique and I think that's really great. I think everyone's different and everyone should embrace themselves but I think that wraps it up but for now, thank you guys so much for joining us. We really appreciate you when you come out and again, engage with us. If you joined us late or you missed anything, we will be making this webinar available for replay. So you'll always be able to come back, hit rewind, figure out what I was trying to say and we hope to see you all on Facebook Live, promoting your properties, promoting your business and we hope to see you all using MyStateMLS down the road. All right, have a great day. I'll see you soon.

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