Generation RE: Marketing to Every Home Buyer

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Every Thursday in March, we covered a different generation and how they interact with the real estate market. From Generation Z, the newest group of buyers on the market, to Baby Boomers and their changing needs as they reach retirement age, our full series covers everything you need to know about how to help each generation through the home buying or selling process. 

Generation Z

If you're still thinking of Generation Z as middle schoolers, you're missing out on a whole generation of potential business. The oldest Gen Z-ers are approaching their mid-20s and entering the real estate market.

By helping these new home buyers, you can win their business for life - meaning representing them for all of the big moves in their future. In this webinar, we cover how to meet the unique needs of Generation Z.


Millennials are now the largest group of home buyers on the market, which means it's essential to consider their unique needs in your marketing strategy. This diverse generation includes buyers in their late 20s looking for their first home, as well as those entering their 40s and looking to expand.

With student loan debt and other obligations, millennials are in a unique financial position and need the guidance of a real estate professional. Here's how to help.

Generation X

Generation X is frequently referred to as The Forgotten Generation, and with the media frenzy surrounding Millennials and Baby Boomers, it's easy to see why. 

It's hard to see why so many marketers overlook them, though - they're the most affluent generation, and many Gen X-ers are currently looking to move to a bigger home. Since they frequently have a home to sell, representing Gen X can mean two commissions from one client. 

Baby Boomers

Half of Baby Boomers have reached retirement age, and the rest of this generation is well on their way. The impending impact of their changing needs on so many industries is referred to as "The Silver Tsunami," and it's coming to the real estate market in the next few years.

Baby Boomers have large homes to sell, and they need the help of a real estate professional. Here's how you can be their agent.

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