How to Use Our New CRM to Win More Business

Can Your MLS Save Your (Client) Relationship?

Introducing Our New CRM

This Valentine's Day, we're introducing a new way to grow your relationships. With our new Customer Relationship Management tool, you can keep all the most important details about your clients in one place. Keep in touch, remember everything they need, and even track their birthdays from one place: right inside your MLS.

Always going back through your emails to find that last listing your customer sent you? Constantly sorting through pages of saved searches looking for the right one to send in an email? Meet the CRM that changes all of that. Read on to learn how.

1. Add Your Contact

The "Contacts" option is right at the top of your page, to the left of the "Logout" button. Hover over it, then click "Add New Contact." If you're looking to update an existing contact, you can skip right to "View My Contacts."

2. Add Contact Information

The "Edit Contact" box will pop up. Fill this out with as much information as possible about your client. Our CRM can function as a hub for all of your communication with clients and customers, so having as complete a record as possible is important!

3. Add Their Preferences

After you've filled out the basic information, you can add more preferences to your contact record. That includes their location preferences, as well as price, bedrooms, etc. In addition, you can add information about your contact's birthday and family members to make sure you keep in touch at crucial points to develop your relationship.

4. Start the Search

Never search through pages of emails again - all contact through our system will be saved under your contact's Messages tab. You can add a search under Saved Searches to keep track of what's new and suited to your contact's tastes - and email it to them automatically. Are they selling their home? Create and save a CMA for their property right in their contact record. Want to email them just a few properties? Attach the Saved Cart right to their contact record.

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