What You Need to Know About Our ListGlobally Partnership

Yesterday, we announced that our members now have access to syndication through ListGlobally, the leading international property marketing portal. Today, we’re going more in depth, covering what that means for you and your listings.

First, What Happens Automatically?

If you select ListGlobally under feed settings on your listings, they will begin syndicating to ListGlobally’s basic publisher network. The basic network includes 26 sites in 24 countries - which means free expanded international exposure for your listings. 

If you have active listings, you’ll also have access to your own MyListGlobally Dashboard. This portal allows you to see your listing on those international sites, as well as create a report for your sellers. This is an invaluable tool to give you an edge both during listing appointments, as well as during the home selling process. You can show your leads and sellers precisely how widely their listings will be seen with you as their agent.

What Additional Opportunities Are Available?

In addition to free syndication, we’ve secured an invitation for all of our members to ListGlobally’s exclusive Global Agent Program - at a heavily discounted low monthly rate. There is no long-term commitment - this is a monthly subscription, which you can cancel at any time.

For agents who really want to set themselves apart, the Global Agent Program expands on an already impressive list of international syndication sites and grants access to a premium publisher network of over 100 portals. The Premium Portal Network includes top global portals like Seloger.com in France, as well as Anjuke.com and Fang.com in China. While the audience for the basic publisher network is already over 6.5 million consumers, the Premium Portal Network puts your listing in front of over 200 million monthly viewers.

The Global Agent Program also affects how your listings appear in search results. Your listings will be featured higher up in search results, making them more visible to consumers. In addition, your photo will appear on your listings for even better marketing for your business.

What Do Members Need to Do?

To take advantage of this exciting new tool, all you need to do is log into your account, review your listings, and ensure that you’ve selected ListGlobally as one of your syndication feeds.

To sign up for the Global Agent Program, you’ll just need to sign into your MyListGlobally Dashboard. In the top menu, you’ll see an option for “Store”, where you can sign up for a membership.

Need Support?

Beginning today, ListGlobally will be communicating with members via email to provide them access to their MyListGlobally accounts. If you have any questions about accessing your account, please contact ListGlobally at support@listglobally.com and they will assist with getting you access.

Ready for an MLS that gives you more?

In an increasingly globalized world, international listing syndication is becoming more and more important to home sellers. If you’re looking for expanded international syndication for your listings and aren’t already a member, you can click below to join now.