Finally, an MLS for Auctioneers

Many MLSs do not allow listings from auctioneers. Even when they do, most don’t provide the specialized tools that auctioneers need to properly list and promote their auctions. You’re forced to settle for a listing system that tolerates auctions rather than one that’s built for them.

Our MLS has features built for auctioneers with the input of the auction community, and we’re always evolving. Here are a few of the top ways we support our auctioneer members:

1. Adaptable Listing Entry Wizard

From the first page of our Listing Entry Wizard, you can select "For Sale (Auction)" as the Sale Type for your listing. As soon as you do so, the rest of the Listing Wizard will automatically update to display special, auction-only fields. This will help you better advertise your listing and make sure potential buyers have all the information they need so your seller gets the best price for their property.

2. Auction Information on Your Listing

With traditional MLSs, it can be difficult to convey all the information necessary for an auction. With our special auction listing type, you can enter all the information potential buyers need to know, including the date and time of the auction, as well as the URL if your auction is online only. 

3. List Absolute and Reserve Auctions

When you select auction as your sale type, a field for the auction's starting bid will automatically appear on the Listing Wizard. Don't have a starting bid? Simply select "Yes" next to the "Absolute Auction" option, and the field will change to Estimated Value. Entering an accurate Estimated Value ensures your listing will syndicate to consumer sites like Zillow and Trulia, which do not accept listings with low list prices.

Ready for an MLS that's built for you?

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