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Ways to Turn Your Home into a Smart Home

In Back to the Future II, Lea Thompson uses a futuristic microwave to turn a mini pizza into a full pie in a matter of seconds. In Blade Runner 2049, Officer K has a holographic AI at home. And in Total Recall, Arnie's Doug has access to a touchscreen fridge.It turns out cinematic predictions can come pretty close to the real thing. Smart homes are now available beyond the silver screen.

How to Improve Your Home Bar: 3 Tips

Before listing a home for sale, most homeowners try to make as many small updates to their homes as financially possible. The more updated and modern a home, the easier it is to sell, as new features and updates greatly appeal to homebuyers. A feature that's popular in many housing markets is a home bar. Home bars give people the freedom to entertain and lounge in a home environment with the

State Listings, Inc. Selects Constellation1 to Provide Transaction ManagementServices to Help Members Close Deals Faster

Constellation1, a leading provider of front office, back office and data solutions for real estate brokerages, franchises, and MLSs across North America, announces a partnership with State Listings, Inc., owner of My State MLS and NY State MLS, to offer premium transaction management services to their more than 39,000 members. State Listings,

Essential Summer Home Improvement Projects

Summer has arrived. You can finally catch a tan while lying in the sun, enjoy a melty ice cream cone, and simply relax. Yet, as tempting as it may be, try not to be a couch potato all summer long. You can be productive by tackling these essential summer home improvement projects. These renovations may even increase the value of your home when you decide to

Financial Planning Checklist Before Closing On Your Home

So your offer on your home was accepted and you are moving forward with the closing process--congratulations! The road to purchasing a home can be tiring and stressful as it requires a significant amount of time and money. However, all of your efforts will pay off once you finally have the keys to your new place and finally have somewhere to call your own. Even though there is a lot to do

Succeeding in the Post-COVID-19 Real Estate Market

Are you prepared for the new 'business as usual'? Join guest host Joe Meyer to learn a combination of planning, execution and motivation to help guide you through the challenges of today and tomorrow as we face the Post-COVID-19 real estate market. Missed Us Live? Catch the Replay. Join us to learn:What is the the 95/5

Make the Most of Summer at Home with These Backyard Improvements

Living in a house comes with a number of benefits. You probably considered the increased storage and living space for every member of your family as the most important - but you shouldn't forget that having a backyard is among the most crucial benefits.Instead of being stuck in a tiny apartment in a residential building, you can spend your free time in the open, enjoying your backyard

Free Webinar: International Listing Syndication with My State MLS

Last month, we launched our newest feature for members - international syndication through ListGlobally. With26 sites across 24 countries,enhanced listing metrics and printable reportsfor your sellers, as well asexclusive, discounted accessto ListGlobally's Global Agent Program, there's a lot to explore!

Free Webinar: Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

Have you been spending more time on social media lately? You're not alone. With a somewhat captive audience, top agents are taking advantage of their followers' more frequent scrolling by ramping up their online presence. They've been putting out entertaining and innovative content that keeps their viewers entertained and informed, even from a