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Outlining a Seller's Options When Discovering Unpermitted Work

Few people know the full history of a particular piece of property, which is why unpermitted work can be confusing and frustrating to discover, especially for a home seller who has discovered unpermitted work with their own home as they are trying to sell. Because the rules for permits can change with the seasons, homeowners may not even be able to answer certain questions about the legality of

Buying a Bigger Home vs Putting On an Addition

Considering adding more square footage with an addition on your existing home? Keep the following things in mind when planning: Know the Rules - Each city, town, and village has height restrictions, building lines, design covenants, and historic district preservation requirements. Plan Positively and Expand Efficiently - Consider

Your MLS of Choice Toolkit

MLS of Choice is now in effect; are you prepared? At a recent webinar, over 60% of participants hadn't even heard of the MLS of Choice rule, which was already implemented on July 1, 2018. This rule could drastically impact your business, so it's important to be in the know! Luckily, we've created a complete MLS of Choice toolkit to get you up to

Rejected for a Loan Because of your Child's Student Debt?

Help! I found the perfect house. My husband and I make enough money to afford it, but we got turned down for the loan because we cosigned for our child's student loans. The loans are deferred while our child is in school, so we can't prove that the they are paying their loans off.Now what? This is a common problem

New for NYC and Long Island Agents: Your Listings on Samaki.com

What is Samaki.com? From their website:Samaki.com is the #1 Chinese-language real estate search engine for NYC and Long Island. We focus on connecting NYC real estate agents with Chinese-speaking buyers and sellers, both here in the USA and abroad. What are the benefits? Your listings

MLS of Choice FAQs

All spring, you've been hearing from us about MLS of Choice. Now that it's less than a week away, we've been getting some questions from members What does the rule say?Currently, MLSs may assess fees to participating brokers based on the number of agents in their office, whether or not those agents want to join their broker's MLS. This can include fines

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Will They or Won't They? 5 Top Takeaways from the FTC Real Estate Workshop

1. The Gang's All Here No one wanted to miss this meeting. The National Association of Realtors had a large contingency. All industry consultants were present, as well as the council on Multiple Listing Service staff and attorneys. Many executives from the biggest multiple listing services in the country came out to see how this would affect them. The press was there as well, led by Brad

How To Fight Your Assessment To Lower Your Taxes

You've opened your mail to find a fun surprise from your local assessor: a new assessment on your property. One that's significantly higher than last year. You may be wondering how this happens. How will it affect your tax bill? What can you do about it?The first step is understanding what exactly an assessment is. The Assessed Market Value is the value of the property based on recent sales