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Why (and How) to Enable Text Leads | Photo Guide

Did you know our site gets thousands of public searches per day? Your potential buyers are searching our site directly rather than relying on consumer sites, and they send our agents questions, showing requests, and offers every week.With all of those leads flying, it's important to respond quickly! Taking too long to respond to a buyer could mean losing a sale. To help our agents, we

Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Maybe the old cliché, 'Location, location, location,' should be updated to 'Season, season, season.' The majority of sellers put their home on the market in the spring or summer, and Zillow recommends early May if you want the best price. However, there are advantages to selling your home in the

Staging Tips for Selling Your Home

When you decide to sell your home and move, you want to get the whole process done as soon as possible. You also want to get the best possible price for it. This is why you hire a real estate agents to list your home on the MLS. However, sometimes all the things a good agent does to sell your home aren't enough to close the deal. Here are some home-staging tips for selling your home which will

6 End-of-Winter Home Maintenance Tips

Snow can fall well into May in Western New York, but if you're sick of winter, statistics tell us it's almost over. The snow coming off of Lake Erie typically tapers off in early April, but you don't have to wait until the big spring thaw to take care of your home. Here are six end-of-winter home maintenance tips for New York State. 1. Wash Away the

Catch the Replay: Can Your MLS Save Your (Client) Relationships?

Always going back through your emails to find that last listing your customer sent you? Constantly sorting through pages of saved searches looking for the right one to send in an email? Meet the CRM that changes all of that.In our most recent webinar, Dave covers how to use our new CRM to grow your client relationships. Ready for an MLS that Gives You

How to Use Our New CRM to Win More Business

Introducing Our New CRM This Valentine's Day, we're introducing a new way to grow your relationships. With our new Customer Relationship Management tool, you can keep all the most important details about your clients in one place. Keep in touch, remember everything they need, and even track their birthdays from one place: right inside your

How (and Why!) to Add a Video to Your Listing

Our MLS members get some of the best self-branding opportunities available on the market, including 2 separate options to add multimedia content. The first is the virtual tour, where you can add an external link. If you add your listings to your website or use a service like Immoviewer to create immersive virtual walkthroughs, this is the place to put them.Today, we want to talk to you about a

What to Look for in a Responsible Moving Company

With millions of people relocating each year, the moving industry is booming. Consequently, the number of moving companies is continually increasing. With a wide selection of services on the market, you need to choose wisely. Poor handling of your possessions is a significant problem, but you can also easily come across a moving scam. We've put together a list of our top tips to find a

Resolved to Grow Your Business in 2019? Watch This.

Good agents are preparing to grow in 2019. Great agents are doing it with My State MLS. Did you resolve to grow your business in 2019? Learn how to do it with the only nationwide Multiple Listing Service. In this webinar, Dave shows you how My State MLS and NY State MLS can help top agents expand their territory, win more listings, and hit new business records in the new