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Our Spring 2020 Webinar Schedule is Here!

Our Spring 2020 Webinar Schedule is Here! Ready to take your career to the next level? Join us for our educational webinar series by registering for a session below. Feeling ambitious? Register for all of them. We look forward to seeing you there! April Showings Bring May Closings April 2 | 2

Marketing to Gen Z for Lifelong Clients

Still thinking of members of Generation Z as middle schoolers? The oldestGen Z-ers are now in their early 20sand starting to enter the real estate market. If you're ignoring the youngest generation of home buyers, you're missing out on potential sales - andlifelong loyal clients with big moves in their future. Missed Us

Buying a Condo in 2020: Top 5 Pros & Cons

Maybe you are taking your first step, if not delving further, into homeownership this 2020. Are you considering investing in rental properties? You might be wondering if condo units are still a good idea for home property investment in 2020.A condo or a condominium unit is a part of a building community. Each unit is separately owned by different individuals who are either building

The MLS for Manufactured Housing

Does your local MLS allow manufactured housing? Do they have unique fields to help you make the most of your listing? Are you able to syndicate out to major real estate sites? In short, are you using an MLS that workswiththe way you do business? Missed Us Live? Catch the Replay Meet the MLS

The True Value of Drip Emails

In 2018, we announced the arrival of our Drip Emails feature, and it's still one of the most valuable tools available to our members. Why am I such a huge fan? One simple reason: with just thirty seconds of work, this feature can bring you thousands of dollars in commissions with no additional effort on your

The Top 7 Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades

It has never been a more vital time to address energy efficiency issues in your home. Not only will making improvements save money on your monthly bills, it will also reduce your carbon footprint at a time when our planet needs us to act. However small and simple some of the changes may seem, they add up to a significant amount of energy - and money - saved. Faced with the realities of global

4 Reasons You Need an IDX Website (and How to Get One)

You already know the value of having a website; in an increasingly digital world, if your potential customers can't find you online, you may lose a sale. However, have you considered the benefits of a website directly from your MLS? We have (it's kind of our job) - here are our favorite reasons to try one of our IDX

Trying to Heat Up Business in the Colder Months? Watch This.

Is it hot in here, or is it just our members keeping business booming this winter? Our members see the winter months for what they really are; an opportunity to help buyers and make their listings stand out in a less crowded market.What's all this about a 'slow season'? Missed Us

5 Things to Consider When Switching to Solar Energy

Climate change is undoubtedly taking its toll, and more and more people worldwide are discussing ways to protect the environment. Homeowners are increasingly choosing to rely on solar energy instead of well-known conventional sources.More often than not, we witness hundreds of acres of forests burning, first in Brazil, now in Australia; polar ice is melting day after day. It is clearer than ever