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What is a Nationwide MLS?

Watch the free webinar. Want to list everywhere you're licensed with the same broker from one place? We made a nationwide multiple listing service that just makes sense. Learn what My State MLS is and how we can help grow your business with our free one-hour webinar. Watch

5 Ways To Reduce Stress When Moving To A New Location

While most people see moving as a crazy and stressful experience, there are plenty of ways to ensure a much easier relocation for you and your family. With proper preparation and planning, this move can be a positive and rewarding opportunity to start over. If you're planning to move to a new location, here are a few ways to manage your stress from beginning to

Press Release: NY State MLS Powers the Daily Gazette Home Search

EAST GREENBUSH, NY, August 21, 2018 - NY State MLS, New York's statewide Multiple Listing Service, has announced a new partnership with the DailyGazette. NY State MLS is proud to be powering the DailyGazette's Home Search. The DailyGazette is the locally-owned Voice of New York's Capital Region. Their website receives over 4 million views per month. Buyers looking to purchase

Press Release: NY State MLS and Samaki.com Partner to Bring NYC & Long Island Listings to Chinese Buyers

EAST GREENBUSH, NY, August 21, 2018 - NY State MLS, New York's statewide Multiple Listing Service has announced a new listing syndication partner: Samaki.com.Agents posting listings in the Five Boroughs and on Long Island are now able to send their listings directly to Samaki, which displays listings in Chinese to buyers both in New York and

In the News:National policy changes will offer real estate agents more freedom

We're in the Herald-Standard! The National Association of REALTORs MLS of Choice Rule will give agents more freedom when it comes to how they conduct their business, and consumers are taking notice.Our founder, Dawn Pfaff, was interviewed by the Herald-Standard for their piece on the rule and our changing

Outlining a Seller's Options When Discovering Unpermitted Work

Few people know the full history of a particular piece of property, which is why unpermitted work can be confusing and frustrating to discover, especially for a home seller who has discovered unpermitted work with their own home as they are trying to sell. Because the rules for permits can change with the seasons, homeowners may not even be able to answer certain questions about the legality of

Buying a Bigger Home vs Putting On an Addition

Considering adding more square footage with an addition on your existing home? Keep the following things in mind when planning: Know the Rules - Each city, town, and village has height restrictions, building lines, design covenants, and historic district preservation requirements. Plan Positively and Expand Efficiently - Consider

Your MLS of Choice Toolkit

MLS of Choice is now in effect; are you prepared? At a recent webinar, over 60% of participants hadn't even heard of the MLS of Choice rule, which was already implemented on July 1, 2018. This rule could drastically impact your business, so it's important to be in the know! Luckily, we've created a complete MLS of Choice toolkit to get you up to

Rejected for a Loan Because of your Child's Student Debt?

Help! I found the perfect house. My husband and I make enough money to afford it, but we got turned down for the loan because we cosigned for our child's student loans. The loans are deferred while our child is in school, so we can't prove that the they are paying their loans off.Now what? This is a common problem