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New Year, New Home: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your New Home

Boy, does time fly fast. In just a few months, it will already be 2020. Some of us have made big leaps in our life in an effort to end this last year of the decade with a bang. One of those big leaps may be buying a new home. If you did, here are five ways you can prepare for your new home. 1. Spruce

Back in the Game? How to Get Your Real Estate License Back

Many people come in and out of the real estate industry for many different reasons. If you're a former real estate agent looking to get your license back after it's lapsed, it can be frustrating trying to understand all of the changes that have occurred in New York State real estate law since you last had a license. It's also difficult to get accurate information, as multiple sources give

How to Add Warmth To Your Home For Fall

With the fall and winter months upon us, it's important to make sure your home is cozy and optimized to enjoy the cool weather from indoors. There is nothing more comforting than coming home after a long day to a snug, inviting home. We have compiled some tips and tricks to easily add more warmth to your home for the upcoming

Taking the Next Step: How to Get Your Real Estate Broker License

There are some agents in the Real Estate industry who take continuing education to meet a state minimum requirement - and then there are those who better equip themselves for change. They have recognized that there is significant room for career advancement in the industry and choose to go above and beyond to advance their own careers by attending every classroom opportunity. These students

How to Make Unpacking Easier

Unpacking may not be the most complicated or physically exhausting part of moving, but it is one of the most difficult parts because it takes place after your mental and physical energy has been drained by the most grueling parts of the moving process. As a result, it's common to procrastinate unpacking until boxes are left open for days, weeks, and even months. It's no wonder a process as

A New Group of Home Buyers Is Coming. Here's What Generation Z Wants.

You may be used to thinking of them as young, but Generation Z, defined as people born between the mid 1990s and early 2000s, are starting to enter the housing market for the first time. They're the most diverse generation ever, which means it's critical to understand their unique needs. It may take a shift in your current thinking, but when you take the time to really get to know the newest

The Ultimate NYC Open House Guide for Sellers

An open house allows potential buyers to view the property before making any commitment, and just like every marketing tool, it has its recommended practices. An NYC open house is different from any other in some respects, but regardless of how specific the real estate market is, a good broker will know and apply the best practices on behalf of the seller. You may be surprised by how many

How to Become an Appraiser

Thinking about becoming an appraiser or upgrading your appraiser license? There have been a lot of changes recently to the process of becoming an appraiser. If you do not already hold a license, your first step is to become an assistant. To become a licensed assistant, you do not need any college education or experience, but you will need to take 79 hours of approved education. This can be done

Want to Become a Real Estate Salesperson? 5 Steps to Getting Your License

A career in the Real Estate industry can be very rewarding; smart entrepreneurs are drawn to the flexible hours and unlimited income potential. The only requirements to start on your real estate journey are you must be at least 18 years old and a US citizen. If you have been convicted of a felony, you will need to contact the Department of State before getting your license; they handle this on a