6 Ways to Decorate an Oddly-Shaped Room

by Dana Matthews

Oddly-shaped spaces are a unique and exciting challenge for homeowners. It can be fun searching for the perfect piece of furniture to get the most out of the space available. These simple interior design ideas can help homeowners make their living space cozy and appealing. Here are 6 ways to decorate an oddly-shaped room.

1. Divide your space into smaller areas

One strategy to decorate an oddly-shaped space is to divide it into smaller living areas. Furnishings, partitions, and dividers can be used to create segments that will warm up the room. For example, if you opt to try some low-budget renovation tips, you can invest in a free-standing bookshelf to separate the sitting and sleeping areas. Arranging the furniture this way can create reading and study areas as well. This type of spatial arrangement has two important benefits. First, you create the illusion of a much larger space. And second, these sections are much less demanding to decorate.

2. Add custom-made furniture

Custom-made furniture can blend in the angles of those tricky corners. This can be especially helpful if you are decorating a small NYC studio.  Built-in pieces are another practical option. They provide ample storage space without extra clutter. While both custom-made and built-in pieces are more expensive than conventional furniture, having unique furniture pieces tailored to your needs can help create a focal point for your room. 

3. Create a focal point

The focal point of the room directs the eye to the decorative elements of the room. Creating a focal point can be easy, and does not require any substantial investment. 

Choose a rug with a striking pattern or a complementary color to the walls. It will attract your visitor’s eye, creating a central point in the space. You can use unusual decor items to create the same effect by placing them in a central part of the room.

4. Use round furniture

Round furniture pieces can smooth out the angles in a room. These pieces shift the focus to décor and furniture items. Another option is a bench seat or a cozy reading chair that can give purpose to a sharp angle in the room. This will warm up the space and increase its appeal.

5. Choose a color palette

The color palette you choose will determine the ambience of the space. Lighter colors can make a space appear larger - opening up the room visually. Dark colors can make a space seem smaller.  Lighter colors are more appealing to homebuyers if you decide to sell your apartment in the future.

Crisp white, or lighter off-white colors, are good choices for sloping walls and ceilings. Earth tones, beiges, light greys, and dark blues soothe the eye and direct your visitor’s attention to the furniture and decorations.

Creating an accent wall can give your room a distinctive charm and a striking, modern look. Be mindful of the shape of your space if you decide to create an accent wall. It can add a unique flair and balance to your room in the right space. 

Interior designers say balance and consistency is an important factor when you decorate an unusually-shaped space. To create a balanced appearance, match the decor to the color palette. When tied together, this consistency creates a harmonious look in your space.

6. Proper lighting

Natural light is an excellent choice no matter the shape of your space. Designers suggest keeping windows uncovered. This will freshen up your space. Hanging roman shades will balance the colors and lighting in your space. Placing some unusual lamps in the corners is a budget-friendly way to add decor to your space as well. 

Decorating an oddly-shaped room is an exciting challenge! With so many options to customize your space, decorating does not require substantial financial means - just some creative ideas. We hope that these tips help in your search for creative customizations! Soon you will be able to settle into your cozy new home.

Author's bio

Dana Matthews is a copywriter at Movers 101 NYC who loves writing about interior and exterior home design ideas. She enjoys helping people find the homes of their dreams and then decorate them properly. Dana loves painting and dreams about organizing an art exhibition in the future.

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