Home Improvement Ideas You Can Do During Social Distancing

by Jordan Fuller

Stuck at home and trying to keep from going stir crazy? If you’ve already worked through your list of “finish someday” projects for your home or need ideas on where to start, here are our top projects to keep you busy during stay at home orders.

1. Get the Lawn and Garden Ready

Need some fresh air? Spend some time in the garden or on the balcony getting your outdoor space ready for the summer. Look at setting up that putting green (indoor putting greens are great too) or chipping area to get ready to head to the golf course when it reopens.

Spring is the optimal time to move those perennials that are starting to get overgrown, as moving now will put less stress on the plants. Summer or fall-flowering perennials like bee balm or daylillies can be moved or divided now without much problem. Be sure to hold off on peonies, tulips or daffodils until the fall.

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If you have flowering shrubs, after they bloom is the best time to give them a pruning. Shrubs like lilacs or azaleas need to be controlled (and not allowed to become too overgrown) to facilitate blooming next spring.

Now is also a good time to get into the flower or vegetable beds and pull weeds before they take over. They can become more aggressive as they get larger, so don’t wait too long.

2. Set Up a Home Office

The new restrictions on travel and social distancing have created an increasing demand for home office space. If your job requires you to work from home, this is a great time to prepare a workspace. If you have a room available, or even an insulated shed or garage space, it’s helpful to have that video meeting away from the kids and out of earshot of the dog.

3. Remake the Kitchen

Now that you have time, why not swap out your tired cabinet doors or give them a fresh paint job? Painting your cabinets will easily give your kitchen a fresh look in the kitchen - even if you choose to work on just one area, like the kitchen island. When selecting a color, keep in mind the color of the countertops and other surfaces in the kitchen and be sure to look at the contrasting shades in various lights.

4. Redecorate

While you’re cooped up inside, take a look around to find the areas of your home that most need some new decor. Since you’ll be spending a lot of your time looking at the walls, why not take this time to give everything a fresh look. 

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If you already have spare paint and brushes around, you’re ready to begin! You’ll be seeing the same four walls for a while - why not make them as beautiful as you can? Get to work!

About the Author

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who continues his passion as he also owned a golf publication site where he writes about golf. Aside from writing, he also mentors and coaches golf. He even helped one of his students to set up a putting green in the backyard to practice golf.