Guide to Combining Two Homes into One

by Jonah Atkins

Whether you are moving in with your partner, a business colleague, or a new roommate, combining two homes into one can be a challenge. Both of you have many belongings, and fitting those items in one house can be difficult. One solution is to search for a larger home together, to ensure your home will be spacious enough to accommodate your items. Merging two homes isn't easy- but is completely doable!

Make Decisions Together

You may not be able to fit all of your belongings into your home. You may need to make some tough decisions about what to keep when you move.

Consider each other’s needs realistically. This will help you decide what to keep. If you can't find enough space for some items, you can compromise and buy a new item of 

the same type. For example, if there is not enough room for both of your favorite couches, or they do not match, it may be a good idea to choose a new one together.

Organize Your Space

Plan how you will organize the space so that it suits your individual needs. If one of you works full-time from home, or needs a quiet place to study, have a conversation about where this space will be in the house. Respecting each other's needs and compromising are essential. Designate a storage area, or get a storage unit for things like seasonal clothes that can take up unnecessary space in your home.

Choose a Coherent Visual Style

Talk to your new housemate about what overall aesthetic or style you want in your new home. If you do this together you can improve its visual appeal. Combining your belongings so they complement each other is the key to having an aesthetically pleasing home. 

Before you mix your items together, make a visual plan. What kind of look or mood do you want to create?

Once you answer these questions, you can proceed with choosing the perfect items such as decorations, furniture, even houseplants.

Combine Your Two Homes Into One

You may need to leave some belongings behind. But if you want to keep them for later- you can always rent a storage unit. Since you or your future roommate will be moving soon, we highly recommend hiring a professional moving company. One of the services experts can help you find an adequate storage space. Learn what to look for in a responsible moving company. Good luck moving into your new home!

Author's bio

During his career as a freelance author, Jonah Atkins has worked with many relocation companies, and he currently writes helpful articles for IPS NYC Movers. Jonah is also interested in topics regarding real estate, interior design, and home improvement. He has completed many projects in his own home that he hopes to write about in the future.

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