How To Maximize Space In a Small Hallway

by: Alicia Montgomery

Although  hallways  are  an  extremely  important  part  of  your  home,  they  can end up neglected or overlooked. They  are  usually  where  you  prepare  to leave for work and the first thing you see when you come back. Considering this  is  also  where  most  people  greet   their  guests,  your  hallway  will  play  a  significant  role  in  your  home's  first impression. It doesn’t deserve to  be  dingy  and  cramped  when  it  can be practical and welcoming. However, if you have a tiny space to work with, achieving this symbiosis is  quite challenging.   To  help  you  out  with  a  few  ideas  to  maximize  space  in  a  small hallway, we have compiled a collection of simple solutions to improve this space.  In  the  end,  your  hallway  can  be  more  than just a place where you leave your shoes, keys, and coats.

Optical illusions are your best friends!

Mirrors  are the first  thing  that  comes  to  mind  when  wanting  to make  a space look  bigger.  They  can  truly  do  wonders  for  every room,  especially  for  a  hallway.  If placed strategically, a mirror will  create an illusion of amplified space  as  it  will  reflect  natural  and  artificial light.  It  will  be  a  nice  decoration  and  very  practical  for  taking  a  final  look  at   your  outfit  before  you  leave.  Ideally,  you  can  mount  the mirror on the wall, in  order  to  take  up  less  floor space.

Cleverly   chosen  wallpaper  can  also  help  you  create  optical  illusions.  Subtle  stripes  can  alter  our  perception  of  the  space considerably.   Designs  with  horizontal  lines will make the hallway seem longer or wider, while vertical lines will make it look taller. Also, wallpapers are a modern and stylish solution.

Lighting is key!

Lighting   solutions    in    your   home   can   make   or   break   your design.  In  a  small  hallway,  the  importance  of  lighting  increases significantly. If you have a long and narrow hallway, it is  easy  for  it  to   become   dingy   and  suffocating.   You   can   install   additional lighting  fixtures  and go for light  colors,  such   as  white,  beige,  or pastel,     for    the     walls,   flooring,   and     furniture.     The    dark, depressing     hallway    will    transform   into   a   bright   and    airy  space.

Multipurpose furniture is a way to go.

A storage bench is a fantastic way to utilize dead space. In addition, these multifunctional pieces provide you with valuable storage space   to   put away all the clutter and keep the spot neat and tidy. A decorative bench  will  also  beautify  your  small  hallway  by  creating  a  cozy  spot with some throw pillows. To help with storage, you can  add  shelving  for  shoes  and  even  comfortably  sit  to tie your shoelaces. 

Coat  racks  are a necessary addition to every hallway.  Instead of  several  pieces  of  furniture  in  such  a  tiny  space,  invest  in  a fantastic  storage  solution  that  comprises  a  console  table with drawers, coat racks, and a shelf on top. Moreover, some  pieces  offer  an  attractive  combination  of  a  storage  bench  and  coat  racks. Practically, you get  an  all-in-one  piece  that  doesn't  take too much space and provides maximum function while looking stylish and inviting.

Coat hooks beat a coat stand.

If  the multifunctional furniture is not to your liking, or  you  think  it  may   seem   too   robust,  you   may   want    to   go   with  separate options.   Although   coat   stands   are   attractively   designed   and appealing, they take up a lot of floor space you may not  be able  to  afford.   Therefore,   you  may  be  better off going with coat 

hooks on the wall. There are also options with shelving on top, so you can display some art to freshen up the space.

Accessorize, decorate, polish!

Although  you  may  be  dealing  with  a small space, devorating  can make   a    world   of   difference.   A   few   ornaments,   art    pieces, decorative   bowls,  or  a  plant  will    make    your    small    hallways stylish,  welcoming,  and  polished.   If    you   have   enough   room,   a small dresser can be helpful by providing a place for  your   keys, 

wallet,  and  post.  It  can  also be a stand for a small flower pot and a bowl for trinkets that always accumulate.  In  addition,  you  can  keep  your  gloves,  hats,  and  scarves  in  the  little  drawers,  making  it  easier to grab something on your way out in the morning.

Even  a  rug  can  help  maximize  space  in  a  small  hallway. Rugs, like a runner, can make it appear larger than it really  is.  Similar to  the  wallpapers, parallel lines will create an illusion of an elongated space as your eyes will be drawn to them. It will add texture, make the room warmer, and will absorb the noise. 

Clutter is the enemy!

As  usual,  the  main  culprit for the lack of space and cramped feeling is clutter, especially in small  rooms  like  hallways.  It  is  easy for  things  to   get   chaotic and  for this reason, two things are essential. Firstly, even though you have some storage space  in  the hallway, don't overload it. It may be tempting to utilize every available inch of storage, but that is a recipe for disaster  as  things will descend  into  chaos  quickly.   As  important  as  accessorizing  is,  don't  overdo  it. Go with a minimalistic approach, but still add a personal touch and character.

Secondly,  it's  vital  to  stay organized. Even if you manage to maximize space in a small hallway,  it  can  become  pointless   if   you lose  control  over  it.  Therefore,  you  need to set some rules to keep the room tidy at all times, especially  if you  have children.  If you make sure everyone puts their things in the right place, then you can work your way up and restore order in your entire home. Good luck!

About the Author 

Alicia Montgomery is an  interior  design  enthusiast  working for As a resident of New York and a proud owner of a studio apartment, she has become quite crafty with organizing small spaces. Therefore, she has started writing blog posts to share her ideas and smart solutions with people looking for help.

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